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See tarot predictions for May 2024

The tarot reader explains what the cards say about the future of each sign

In May, the stars will encourage us to plant seeds for new beginnings that promise to bloom. After an April marked by Mercury retrograde and eclipses, the new month will bring welcome relief and the promise that recent challenges will bear fruit. It will begin under the strengthened influence of Venus in Taurus and Mars in Aries, positions that will maximize capabilities in love and career.

This period will intensify from May 18, when Venus aligns with Uranus, followed by a connection with Jupiter on May 23, encouraging you to follow your heart and embrace unexpected relationship developments.

The highlight of May will occur on May 25th during the transition from Jupiter to Gemini, a sign obsessed with information and knowledge. Although Jupiter prefers broad visions, her time in Gemini will require attention to detail. This transit could be particularly transformative for those with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

When May says goodbye, opportunities will arise to set new goals and deepen relationships. With the guidance of a monthly tarot reading from astrologer Emer Oliveira, you’ll have a reliable guide to navigating the season’s promises and potential according to a chart for your sun, moon, and rising sign. Watch!

Aries will see new ways to get what they want

Aries: 3 of Pentacles

The world will talk about your skills and this month you will experience a breakthrough in your art. You can experience this growth by collaborating with others, so socialize with your friends and acquaintances and ask the right people for help.

When you get together, you will discover how one person’s weaknesses are another person’s strengths and vice versa. You will see new ways to get what you want, which will lead you to join forces and devise strategies. Don’t be afraid to point out what works and what doesn’t work.

The moments spent alone will be of great importance for Taurus

Taurus: the Hierophant

This month you will spend a lot of time thinking back to things that have passed or discovering your understanding of life and your spiritual connection. Explore what really matters to you, because the Hierophant, ruled by Bull, represents your deepest values. Your loyalty and commitment will prove essential, and respecting your boundaries and spending time alone will be of great importance to you. Listen to your inner wisdom as a significant insight is about to reveal itself.

Gemini will feel ecstatic during this period

Gemini: The Hanged Man

This month you will feel ecstatic, as if you were sitting in a waiting room between adventures. Feelings of restlessness may arise, but the truth is, you’ll know you did everything you could. You will accept that something may not work or that a situation has already run its course.

Now you will bide your time, patiently dreaming of what the future will be like, making peace with what you cannot go back in time and change. You’ve held on so tightly, but now you have to give yourself permission to let go. Breathe. Ended.

Cancers will tend to have a scarcity mentality, which can be overcome

Cancer: 4 of Pentacles

Your fear of losing or being abandoned may manifest itself at various times during this month, but you will also strive not to lose control of the situation. You may feel like there aren’t enough fish in the sea or that your options are limited, which will lead you to defend what you’re so afraid of losing.

If this possessiveness shows up in your finances or your relations, your scarcity mindset may be hindering rather than protecting. You know your limits, but limiting yourself to so little will only make you forget about your safety.

Leos may feel frustrated by separations or insults in May

Leo: 3 of Swords

This month, someone’s words may break your heart. You will leave someone or feel insulted by them, and this exchange may even cause a breakup. Feeling overwhelmed by rejection or disappointment will be inevitable, so don’t try to avoid the pain, but try to overcome it. Remember that words do not always reflect the truth, nor are they considered facts (even by those who say them). Don’t let one conversation determine yours self-esteembecause you know yourself better than that.

Virgo natives will feel stimulated by passion

Virgo: Ace of Wands

Do you get that intense, overwhelming feeling of being on the verge of something brilliant? This will be the feeling of inspiration and it will flow through your veins this month. Get ready for many bright moments when genius will emerge and you will feel energized only by passion.

However, for that flame to turn into something real, you will have to keep it alive. Nurture and tap into this new source of inspiration, as the flames may go out as quickly as they appear. Act now and the world will be within your reach.

Growth opportunities will arise for Libras

Libra: 8 of Wands

If you’re facing a storm and paddling against the current, you can finally catch your breath. You will discover your rhythm and everything will start to fall into place and gain momentum. All that extra work and all those late nights will pay off in the end because you’ve done more than enough to prove that you would do anything to succeed.

With plans in place, more growth opportunities will emerge. Don’t be afraid to aspire higher than you thought possible, because you have reached a new level; he demonstrated that he was ready to learn and share his knowledge.

Scorpios must take action to remove themselves from a situation that has already expired.

Scorpio: 8 of Cups

You have finally reached your limit and during this period you will take steps to get out of a situation that has already expired. Whether it’s finding the courage to leave that job you hate or preparing to end a dead-end relationship, this change will bring its melancholy, but deep down you’ll feel excited for what’s to come. If you have not yet said goodbye or made arrangements to leave, you will accept the inevitable and plan the details of your departure. This month you will free yourself forever.

Sagittarians will tend to free themselves from the burden of attachment this month

Sagittarius: The Tower

Lightning will strike your life when you least expect it, causing ancient structures to suddenly collapse. It is in these moments that everything changes; when the earth shakes under your feet for no apparent reason. However, sometimes these random and inexplicable calamities can give way to inspiration and immediate transformations, forcing you to let go of everything you once considered essential. Free from the burden of attachmentyou will feel free enough to make anything happen.

Rest should be part of Capricorn's days

Capricorn: 4 of Swords

After your recent mental torment this month, you will be ready to relax. She faced difficulties in to communicate and solve complicated problems; and, before regaining his strength, he will need to rest. Regardless of whether you won or not, you will have to process what just happened and prepare for the next challenges.

Be proud of what you did correctly and learn from the mistakes you made. So leave it all behind. Clear your mind until it becomes a blank canvas. You will feel it in your heart when the time is right to try again.

Aquarians should celebrate their successes

Aquarius: 3 of Wands

There’s a reason why people dance happily when they finally achieve success. This month you will definitely be successful and results will come from your hard work. It will be tempting to continue at a fast pace, but a break to celebrate the victory will prove essential.

All the dedication without free time can lead to resentment at best and total burnout at worst. Celebrating is what inspires you to get back into the fight. Buy something special with yours money hard earned or give yourself a gift. After all, why else would you try so hard?

Pisces must remain resilient in the face of life's obstacles

Pisces: 9 of Wands

The truth is that life will never be perfect. There will always be obstacles that may arise, even when you do everything in your power to avoid them. You won’t be able to postpone your happiness waiting to break some imaginary cycle, because life happens here and now. It will unfold before your eyes and all you can do is persist.

You must remain resilient, knowing that better days will come, as well as more challenging days. Even if you feel exhausted this month, know that you are near a significant turning point. Surrendering would only complicate his return. Accept that you’re not perfect, but at least you won’t give up.

By astrologer and tarot reader Emer Oliveira

Source: Terra

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