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‘All recorded by Netflix’: Leo Dias reveals previously unpublished and little-known details about Maya Mazzafera’s gender transition

Maya Mazzafera may want to document the behind-the-scenes of her gender change for Netflix. According to Leo Dias the influencer is recording everything for the platform! Understand:

The buzz around of the alleged gender change of Maya Mazzafera continue at full steam. In a recent podcast interview ‘Intelligence Ltd’, Leo Dias revealed new details on the topic. According to the journalist, behind the scenes of Maya’s transition they are recorded by Netflix and could become a series.

Maya reportedly underwent surgery recently

In front of Rogerio VilelaLeo Dias has commented again on the rumors involving him Maya Mazzafera . He confirmed the influencer’s gender change surgery, underlining that it was a recently performed procedure. “Now it’s Maya Mazzafera, with the female pronoun. But I don’t know the type of surgery that was performed and I find it very intimate,” the communicator explained, to which Vilela agreed.

Behind the Scenes of Maya’s Gender Reassignment could be coming to Netflix

“What I know is that everything was recorded by Netflix. It will become a serious story after your transition and it’s amazing! I think it will explode,” Leo added, surprised by the new information. Rogério said a trans friend was also being watched on the streaming platform and theorized, “Maybe there are other stories involved.” “It would be incredible! More than one person makes the transition and shows dramas,” the journalist thrilled.

Afterward, the two reflected on Mazzafera’s alleged gender reassignment surgery. “If, in fact, an intimate operation has been performed, it is very delicate! Very delicate! And the question of pleasure there…

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