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Labor Day: profession of each sign

What is the highest point you want to reach in life? In the astral chart, the Midheaven is a point that reveals the ideal careers for each sign.

Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on each sign’s profession and how our astrological characteristics reflect career choices.

But we are not talking about the sun sign, the one everyone knows. When we talk about professional choices and life purpose it is for the sign of the 10th House of our Astral Chart, called Midheaventhat we should look into.

Why Midheaven?

The Midheaven symbolizes the highest point in the sky at the time of your birth (which is why it is always at the top of the mandala on our Map) and is directly linked to your aspirations and how you are perceived by society.

When it comes to work, many people confuse House 6 with House 10 in the astral chart. But while the Midheaven (House 10) shows your professional profile and the most promising areas of activity for you, the House 6 in the astral chart it represents your daily work, the way you manage and organize your work routine.

It is therefore the Midheaven that can provide important clues about the ideal career and professional skills, indicating the profession of each sign. Furthermore, Mediocielo is directly connected to our purpose of life: understand better here.

Discovering the Midheaven

Discovering this point on your Map is simple and free. Follow the steps below:

  • First, Access a free sample of the Professional Persona Map here
  • After entering your details, look for the sign that is connected to the Midheaven.
  • In the image below, for example, the person has the Midheaven in Cancer. Therefore, he will have Cancer characteristics related to his career and his life purpose.

The profession of each sign

Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics that can direct each sign’s profession. Next, the astrologer Marcia Fervienza shows how each sign of the Midheaven manifests itself.

  • Aries: Excels in careers that require initiative and leadership, such as sports or entrepreneurship.
  • Bull: Excels in finance, administration, or arts such as jewelry and fashion, where security and material appreciation are important.
  • Twins: Shines in fields involving communication, such as journalism and education.
  • Cancer: Suitable for caring or creative careers such as medicine, psychology or the arts.
  • Lion: Ideal for leadership in education, politics or entertainment.
  • Virgin: Thrives in environments that require detail and precision, such as accounting and science.
  • Lb: Suitable for law, diplomacy and visual arts, using your negotiation skills.
  • Scorpio: Suitable for research, psychoanalysis or regeneration-related fields.
  • Sagittarius: Attracted by academia, tourism and professions that broaden horizons.
  • Capricorn: Excellent in leadership and management, thanks to your organization and ambition.
  • Acquarium: Motivated by work in technology, social sciences, or large group involvement.
  • Fish: Find satisfaction in artistic or therapeutic careers, such as music or the visual arts.

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