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How many plastic surgeries has Madonna had? Before and after the queen of pop’s cosmetic journey

Madonna is one of the most iconic women in the history of pop music and no one can deny it. At 65, the international star has already undergone some cosmetic surgery to keep her looking her best. Find out what they are!

Madonna she admitted she had plastic surgery in a social media post after many criticized her appearance at the Grammy Awards. In February 2023, the Queen of Pop posted a photo of herself on X, formerly Twitter, and confirmed: “Look how pretty I look now that the swelling from the surgery has gone down.”

While she doesn’t go into detail about the nature of the surgery she underwent, Madonna has clearly had plastic surgery done over the years and it has worked very well for her. In addition to discovering the aesthetic process that works best for her, the artist has confidence in her appearance at this point in his life, at 65 years old.

When did Madonna start getting plastic surgery?

According to the international press, it was reported that when Madonna was 40 years old, she began to undergo more plastic surgery with the aim of correcting some “problems” that had occurred in previous procedures. This shows how much people can change their minds about plastic surgery as they get older.

Does Madonna have silicone?

Rumors about Madonna’s breast implants have been circulating for years. In fact, rumors have been circulating for decades that the singer has undergone breast augmentation, but they have not been confirmed. The pop star has never publicly confirmed or denied anything about silicone.

Breast implants can be used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Improve the shape and size of your breasts
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks in breast tissue
  • Relieve chronic pain in the chest area

Madonna has…

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