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Forget these myths about hair loss

The professionals of the Sabalk clinic network answer your questions about hair loss


There are still many myths about hair loss, which experts have debunked. Among these: washing your hair every day does not make it fall out, wearing a cap does not cause hair loss, shaving or cutting your hair does not make it grow stronger, baldness is treatable and hair loss is hereditary.

Forget these myths about hair loss:

    Forget these myths about hair loss

    Forget these myths about hair loss



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There are some still very common myths about hair loss. Experts have already excluded some. Let’s see what these myths are?

Washing your hair every day makes it fall out

Myth. Amanda Oliveira, biomedical specialist in Advanced Aesthetics at the Sabalk clinic network, states that on the contrary, washing your hair every day is good for your hair, since the scalp always needs to be very clean and oxygenated, the ideal is to wash the scalp every day or every other day. This way we promote blood circulation in the region and block the pores.

The cap makes the hair fall out

It’s also a myth. There is no study that shows wearing a beanie causes hair loss, Amanda explains. But it is true that frequent use of caps contributes to increasing greasiness, dandruff and even dermatitis, since the suffocating effect causes the proliferation of microorganisms that inflame the scalp and cause hair loss.

Shaving or cutting your hair strengthens your hair

Another myth. Paula Domingos Losinno, dermatofunctional physiotherapist at Sabalk, clarifies that shaving or cutting hair does not affect the hair follicle, at most it will make the hair grow thicker, giving the false sensation of greater density.

Baldness has no cure

Pure myth. Today there are different treatments for men and women, which can be drugs or surgery. Medications are very important to prevent the progression of hair loss.

Hair loss is hereditary

It’s just half a myth. For Paula Domingos Losinno, for example, falls diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia have a genetic and hereditary origin. However, this does not necessarily mean that baldness will occur.

Tips for hair health

• Avoid keeping your hair tied for long periods, this increases pressure on the hair follicles, making it easier for the strands to break.

• Avoid sleeping with damp hair, this favors the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

• Rosemary essential oil: More recent studies reveal that rosemary directly helps against hair loss. According to studies, its effects have an effect on improving circulation. Massage evenly into scalp after shower.

• Burdock (Arctium Lappa) is a medicinal plant, widely used to treat inflammation, skin infections, acne, oiliness, ulcers, melanoma and a number of diseases. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it is recommended against hair loss. Just buy the leaves in a natural products store, prepare the herbal tea and, after cooling it, add it to the shampoo mixture and wash your hair frequently.

• Avoid subjecting the scalp to very hot temperatures. Excessive sun, very hot water and hair dryers very close to the roots, the resulting heat can cause inflammation of the scalp, resulting in hair loss, increased greasiness and thinning hair.


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