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Do I need to eat breakfast to be healthy? Understand

Remember that everything can adapt based on your goals

Breakfast is considered essential, that is, a meal that helps someone move forward regardless of their diet pattern. Yet there are those who still ask themselves some questions because of their goals, for example: is it necessary to eat breakfast to be healthy?

Find out if you need to eat breakfast to stay healthy

“In my practice, I have seen many patients worried about not being hungry in the morning. These ideas need to be deconstructed. We do not need to eat at a time when we are not hungry as long as our diet throughout the day is adequate,” he said The nutritionist Beatriz Finizola.

The difference is that Beatriz explained shortly after that this thesis does not mean that breakfast is not important, but that a patient must be analyzed individually to understand what is best.

“We don’t need to force anyone to eat in the morning. In fact, we often use an intermittent fasting strategy, which generates numerous benefits, such as controlling blood sugar levels and improving insulin resistance,” he added.

Do you eat properly during the day? It’s enough! There are people who eat breakfast and others who stick to the eating plan better without this type of meal.

The last word

“Nutrition is a world of options. The lack of knowledge limits it. Live your reality and forget that of others. Biological individuality always!”, concluded Beatriz Finizola.

Source: Terra

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