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The sexologist highlights the health benefits of masturbation

No taboos! Sexologist highlights health benefits of masturbation, ranging from boosted immunity to improved sleep

Despite all the taboos surrounding this practice, masturbation is good for your health and has become more common among women. According to a survey conducted on 2 thousand Brazilian women, approximately 70% of women masturbate. This number is well above a 2008 survey conducted by USP, which found that only 40 percent admitted to masturbating.

According to Chris Marcello, sexologist and CEO of Sophie Sensual Feelings, masturbation is part of healthy sexuality. Furthermore, it allows you to acquire body awareness and control over your own pleasure, guaranteeing sexual autonomy.

“This autonomy benefits the woman’s relationship with her own body and the relationship between them, improving the couple’s intimacy, as well as being super stimulating for mutual masturbation and a tool for getting to know their own bodies,” says the expert.

Furthermore, orgasm “triggers” hormones that promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation. “This is a great, proven option for better sleep. Or even to relieve menstrual cramps, as the substances released during orgasm have an analgesic effect,” emphasizes Chris.

But the advantages don’t end there. As the sexologist shows, some studies also show that masturbation produces antibodies that increase immunity. This is because regular practice increases cortisol levels in the blood, due to the release of oxytocin and dopamine.

Source: Terra

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