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Why has Campeche become the destination for those seeking a healthy lifestyle?

Discover the charm of Campeche, where the community embraces a healthy lifestyle, connected to nature and well-being.

Located south of Florianópolis, the Campeche neighborhood has a pace of life driven by a healthy and conscious lifestyle. From the golden sands to the crystal-clear waters, every aspect of Campeche inspires a deeper connection with nature and with oneself.

I have lived in São Paulo for 20 years, but I am from Santa Catarina and have been frequenting Florianópolis for a long time. For me the magic lies in the extraordinary beauty of the beaches, in the movement of the dunes, in the simplicity, lightness and receptivity of the people.

More precisely in Campeche, which is located in the south of the island. The truth is that Campeche has a certain ‘borogodó’ too many.

This is because it is the place where people live in the most relaxed and conscious way. Among the daily accessories there are the slipper on the feet and the ecobag on the shoulder. It’s where there are more health food stores than pharmacies.

Campeche: where the lifestyle is conscious and sustainable

During the pandemic, many of my friends who lived in São Paulo moved to Campeche in search of a healthy, i.e. more connected and sustainable, lifestyle.

There they easily buy their organic products in many markets, go for example to delicious and charming vegan restaurants. Nightlife is rare.

With the most magical sunrise I’ve ever seen, people wake up to enjoy the day. You can walk a trail admiring beautiful landscapes and then go to work (which is probably at home or very close) fully energized.

A Center for Wellbeing and Spirituality

In Campeche there are many holistic therapists, therapies and massage therapies of all types, such as healing centers that use forest medicine.

And if witches are good and do magic, I can say that I know many of them and have tried their “spells”. I have already experienced massage therapy with mediumistic sessions, hypnotherapy, constellations with horses, hot stones, access bar and massages so deep and transformative that I leave myself levitating and wondering why I still live in Sao Paulo.

And there were my best experiences with psychedelic medicine in spiritual or shamanic centers.

The energy of Campeche and the inner journey

I find it interesting that people who live in Floripa, especially in Campeche, don’t travel much to other places outside the island. It’s like I don’t need it. The island is enough.

Besides the fact that people are very happy there, the biggest journey ends up being within yourself. The island is pure energy, the people live off supplies. And this is beautiful.

I, who live in São Paulo, need to go out every weekend or travel in nature as much as possible to recharge my batteries. Campeche is the place I run to, not the place I run away from.

Much more than living there, people actually live there. I asked some very special and lucky friends who live in Campeche to record a story about why they chose to live there and also show the favorite places they frequent. Watch below.

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Alan Rox ([email protected])

– Author of the best-selling Diary of a Vegan and Diary of a Vegan 2. Preaches the connection between body, mind and spirit through healthy eating and lifestyle as agents of transformation.

Source: Terra

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