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Paolla Oliveira demonstrates the fashion look of the dress

Who said clothes should only be in neutral colors, like black and gray? Paola Oliveira opted for purple to attend the Dermacyd event, Thursday (16th), in Campinas, Sao Paulo.

What does Paolla Oliveira look like?

The actress proved that the ensemble can go beyond the formal sphere. To do this, she didn’t wear the blouse underneath her, opting for the low-cut neckline of the blazer.

Her hair was loose and slightly wavy. The makeup followed the light proposal. On her feet are white sandals.

Paola Oliveira

Tips for getting inspiration from your look

#ficaadica1: Want to follow the purple trend? It is worth monochromatic, color blocking, tone on tone, plain, printed… To discover the best shade of color For you, place the fabrics close to your face and notice which makes it come to life the most.

#ficaadica2: The color purple conveys spirituality, transmutation, mystery and transformation.

#ficaadica3: At the time of purchase blazer, check that the piece is neither too narrow nor too loose. The seam of the sleeves should reach the point where the shoulders end. Put it on and cross your arms: if it doesn’t tug it’s fine.

#ficaadica4: The tendency to light makeup and with natural air it has everything. She presents herself without exaggerating, preferring correct skin and light tones in the eyes and mouth.

#ficaadica5: Light makeup It is also an incentive to take care of your skin, so that it remains healthy and beautiful. Follow the dermatologist’s recommendations. Invest in sunscreen, moisturize, remove makeup before bed, and resist the temptation to squeeze blackheads and whiteheads to avoid marks and blemishes.

Paola Oliveira

Source: Terra

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