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The RS government plans to vaccinate the entire population in shelters against influenza by next Monday

The vaccination strategy involves 76 thousand people; Influenza is identified by experts as a disease capable of causing epidemics in homes

The government of Rio Grande do Sulthrough the State Department of Health (SES), announced that it plans to vaccinate against the flu all people who are in shelters due to the floods by next Monday, 20. The goal is to immunize, according to guidelines set by Ministry of Healtharound 76 thousand individuals opposed influenceone of the diseases with high incidence and identified by experts as potentially susceptible to causing epidemics in housing.

The vaccination calendar provides that all hosted people who have not yet been vaccinated in the 2024 influenza campaign must receive a dose of the vaccine. For children aged 6 months to less than 9 years who are vaccinated for the first time, it is recommended to administer two doses, with an interval of one month between them. The application must be carried out intramuscularly.

“This is an action aimed at shelters, but we have municipalities that have the doses and are already vaccinating both in the shelters and first responders and volunteers”, explained the head of the Immunization Section of the State Health Surveillance Center (Cevs) of the RS, Eliese Denardi Cesare, in a statement.

According to her, a survey is underway to find out which municipalities need doses of the flu vaccine. These places will receive the immunizers from the logistics flow of the State Center for Storage and Distribution of Immunobiologicals (Ceadi).

Vaccination campaign

In RS, the national influenza vaccination campaign began in March, focusing on children aged six months to 9 years, as well as priority groups such as healthcare workers, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. However, at the beginning of May, the campaign was extended to the entire population with the remaining doses, making vaccines available to everyone over six months old.

To date, according to the Department of Health, 38% of the priority group (pregnant women, elderly, indigenous people, etc.) have been vaccinated. In total, one million doses against the flu have been administered in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Also according to the SES, a technical note from the Ministry of Health will soon guide other vaccination actions against hepatitis A, tetanus and human rabies in the areas most affected by the rains of recent weeks.

Source: Terra

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