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Advice from Benzedeira: Why is it so important to know your soul’s mission?

Find meanings that bring happiness. Check out Benzedeira’s suggestions for knowing your soul’s mission

Many ask themselves: what are the most important points, so that life is something truly worth living and finding satisfaction and peace within oneself. If we are not well anchored internally, life situations are blown away like a leaf in the wind, filled with fear, lack of understanding of almost everything, desperation, anxiety and even lack of self-love. Therefore, this week’s Benzedeira Advice talks about the importance of knowing your soul’s mission.

Mission of the soul

Let us imagine that since childhood a divine representative has been imposed on us, that is, a priest, an intermediary or an intervener. I champion the idea that we can develop our personal power and connect with the Divine within. For this we need self-knowledge and the vibration of Soul Mission. We are drawn to practice what we came to do here on Earth. Remember, we are “living energy”!

Soul Mission: Bath to balance your vibration

First, boil 1.5 liters of water. Then add a handful of star anise and a handful of chamomile. Then, boil for 5 minutes. Then add a sprig of basil and a sprig of boldo and boil for two minutes.

Now take your hygienic bath and pour the energy bath upside down for your soul’s mission. Finally, dry your body with a bath towel, dabbing it gently.

Prayer recommended by Benzedeira

“God, may joy overflow deep into my Spirit and Soul, and with Your power, remake my story.

Through my past, it shows the teachings, through the present, the experiences, and it shows a future where I practice my soul’s mission here on Earth.

Eradicate all evils and may they be healed and released in your presence in times of loneliness, abandonment and rejection.

May uncertainty, despair and closed paths be removed from my life.

Away with the brokenness and the evil eye,

May my Soul find its Mission in this life and bring to Earth paths of abundance and prosperity for my life and that of all living beings.

Amen, that’s it.”

Chris Meinberg (@benzerbemser) Teacher of the Gypsy Magic, Blessing and Ancestry, Energy Baths, Sacred Cups and Blessing for Babies courses, in person and online. Blessing every first Sunday of the month for adults, children, newborns and very elderly people. Benzedeira of Terra do Bugio São Roque, Communicator of VibeMundial FM and Astral TV

Source: Terra

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