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4 main areas of life: learn to look at them and plan for them

What are your goals for major areas of life? Learn, here at João Bidu, how to organize yourself to have more clarity and well-being in your routine!

Do you know what the main areas of life are? Whenever possible, it is important to put on paper and organize what we are looking for in our lives. After all, this gives meaning to everyday life.

For example, I can wake up every day to work and do it robotically and automatically, over time my tasks become pointless and I end up stuck in an unhappy and unfulfilling routine. All this, therefore, generates anxiety and procrastination. However, if I have a clear plan for my life, I know where each activity of my day will take me. After all, I have the fuel, a why, to do my tasks every day.

Where do I want to go?

Of course, we have several important fields in life, but we can start with four main ones: physical, emotional, work and social. Then, indicate what you want to achieve or improve in each of these fields. After all, your daily attitudes are part of this construction. And then, each week, look at these goals and update with what has already progressed and what is still missing.

Main areas of life

Physicist – it’s everything connected to my body. The exercises I want to do, healthcare and nutrition, material achievements;

Emotional – give a name to feelings, practice gratitude, weigh the quality of my thoughts and the information I filter daily;

Professional – objectives in the fields of studies and work. How can I improve my professional reality and what is still missing? Evaluate what I am doing daily to achieve these goals. Set real goals;

Social – places and tours you would like to visit. Contacts I want to take back. Everything that concerns social life and also personal communication: what image am I transmitting, what do I want to communicate? Practice more positive communication with myself and others. Social work can also fall into this category.

All of this is very important for self-knowledge and well-being in your routine.

Source: Terra

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