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I feel sick in the middle of class; Could it be the entrance exam’s fault?

Follower says that, out of nowhere, he has a feeling that something is about to happen

Doctor, all of a sudden I’m starting to feel sick, I need to leave the room and I have that terrible feeling that I’m going to have a bad time. Could it be the entrance exam’s fault?

Yes, it might be because of the entrance exam. What happens? During college entrance exams, some people become very anxious and these people are more sensitive to a state of anxiety in which there is a peak, what we call an anxiety attack or even a panic attack.

What are the main symptoms? Suddenly, for example, the person is attending a class and starts feeling sick, a thought comes to mind, or sometimes the person cannot even localize a thought, but starts having strange sensations, the heart beats faster , sweating increases, there is nausea or nausea. The person needs to leave the room to breathe, for fear of feeling sick or fainting, of losing control.

This is very bad, especially if this starts happening again and again. It has everything to do with anxiety, it may have to do with the entrance exam, so it is important that you understand why you are anxious, that you control this anxiety a little and, if you have these crises, that you seek a specialist , a psychologist or a psychiatrist, to help you think about the best strategies to avoid this type of situation.

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