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Small double room: Check out 8 tips to inspire you to decorate yours

Dreaming of a large double bedroom is common, but it is reality house and apartment projects In big cities it is very different. After all, it is very common to find small double rooms that require creative solutions to make them welcoming and functional.

But how to furnish this important space in a practical way? To help you in this process, we have prepared some very practical advice. Follow along and discover how to make a small double bedroom charming.

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1. Define a style for the master bedroom

A decoration of a double bedroom you can go through different styles, from a super modern bedroom to even classic or neutral furnishings. And, of course, this will influence the details of the environment, such as the choice of furniture, bedding and decorative objects.

Small Double Rooms vary in style. Modern people opt for minimalist furniture and geometric wallpapers. The classics have furniture and objects with Provençal details. The rustic ones are distinguished by the use of wood, exposed bricks and natural fibres.

2. Choose furniture carefully

Consider custom-made or ready-made furniture, such as a box bed with internal storage, to maximize functionality in compact spaces – Project: WB Interiores

One of the first things to think about when furnishing a small double bedroom is the choice of furniture. Bed, wardrobe, armchair, Sofa: Is it necessary to have all this in such a compact space?

The best solution is to invest in a small master bedroom designed. With custom-made furniture you optimize compact space. Furthermore, the custom-made furnishings are functional and adapt to the needs of the couple, improving circulation in the environment.

When furnishing a small double bedroom, choose functional furniture to optimize the space and improve circulation – Project: WB Interiores

Since furniture for a small master bedroom can be expensive, you can still opt for ready-made furniture for simple decoration. But remember to think about functional furniture, such as a double bed with box, which has free internal space for storing different types of objects, such as bedding sets, books and suitcases.

3. Invest in light colors

When decorating small rooms, use light colors to expand the space and add vibrant touches of detail to balance function and style – Project: AGT Arquitetura |  Photo: @architetturafotografica

When furnishing a bedroom, choosing the right shades is essential. Know that light colors, such as white, grey and beige, are ideal, as they visually expand the space, especially when combined with good lighting.

However, that doesn’t stop you from using brighter, darker tones in details like bedding sets, pillows, paintings, niches, and smaller furniture, like chairs or nightstands.

You can also paint just one wall a bolder color or use colorful wallpaper, keeping the other walls light and neutral to prevent the room from feeling overcrowded or even smaller. What do you think?

4. Use mirrors in a small bedroom

Use mirrors strategically in small rooms to expand the space without overwhelming the decor – Photo: Unsplash

Mirrors are also excellent allies for furnishing the room of a small couple. Just like light colors, they also help to make the space visually larger, but they must be used carefully so as not to create an unpleasant decoration due to excessive reflections.

Then place the mirrors on the wall behind headboard, in front of the bed or choose a wardrobe with a sliding mirror door. Remember to use only one mirrored piece of furniture to keep the furnishings of the double bedroom welcoming and not excessive.

5. Invest in good lighting

Adequate lighting makes small double rooms more welcoming and visually spacious – Project: AGT Arquitetura |  Photo: @architetturafotografica

Lighting helps the environment to become more welcoming and this is essential for a small double bedroom, do you agree? Therefore, a good lighting design is essential. Know that, in addition to making the space more welcoming, lighting will also allow the space to become visually larger.

And in addition to the natural lighting that enters from the window of the small double bedroom, it is important to invest in that too lamps, chandeliers and even LED strips set in shelves and niches. The setting is amazing!

6. Use and abuse vertical space

Use niches, cabinets and shelves on the walls to organize and decorate double bedrooms – Project: Tulli Studio |  Photo: Eduardo Macarios

One way to keep a double bedroom better organized is to know how to exploit the vertical space, i.e. the walls. To do this, you can invest in niches and shelves that will help you store books, records and even accommodate decorative items.

7. Invest in organizers

Keep bedrooms tidy with drawer and closet organizers for functionality and aesthetics - Photo: Shutterstock

Whether it is a simple and economical double bedroom or even a more modern and sophisticated one, organizing the environment is important to keep the space beautiful, functional and well-kept.

Therefore, try to always keep everything in the right place. To help, you can invest in drawer and cabinet organizers, which often create more space inside drawers and cabinets.

8. Check the right size of the bed

For a double bedroom the ideal is to use a common double bed – Project: Tulli Studio |  Photo: @ewersmarth

The main protagonist of the double bedroom is certainly the bed. Its structure, in addition to being beautiful and comfortable, must be suitable for the design of the bedroom. Therefore, before investing in the purchase of furniture, evaluate the different measures available on the market. For a double room you can find three bed sizes:

  • common double bed: 188 cm high x 138 cm wide;
  • king size bed: 193cm high x 203cm wide;
  • double bed: 198cm high x 158cm wide.

In general, when talking about a small double bedroom, the advice is always to opt for a normal double bed, okay?

Mirrors, custom-made furniture, soft tones and a good lighting design contribute to making the double bedroom more beautiful and functional – Project: Loft 7 Arquitetura |  Photo: Mol Dam

Ready. You’ve already discovered how to furnish a double bedroom! Know that whatever style you choose, it is always possible to put the above advice into practice, using lighter colors, a good idea. lighting and mirror to visually make your space appear larger, more beautiful and comfortable.

After knowing our advice, it’s time to discover the best shop to build, renovate and decorate your double bedroom. Everything you need is there Viva Decora shop. Sign in now!

Source: Terra

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