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The Sun has entered Gemini: how to exploit the energies of the sign

Understand what meanings and teachings the Month of Gemini brings to all signs according to Astrology

Now is the time to cultivate curiosity and seek new ideas, concepts and experiences. OR Gemini Month starts at 10:00 May 20, 2024when the Sun enters the Sign of Gemini and it changes the energy for all of us, whatever your sign.

So far, you must have traveled the following journey:

  • To the Month of Aries, the extra dose of courage may have been the difference in getting you to accept your desires and views.
  • To the Month of Taurusit was time to look for safe ways to exercise your individuality.
  • Well, now, inside Gemini Month, It’s time to realize that the world is bigger than you imagined. And there’s still a lot “out there” to learn.

What does the month of Gemini mean

In Astrology, each month begins when the Sun enters a sign. But this does not happen on the first day of the calendar we are used to. Gemini Month begins between May 18th and 21st. The exact day changes every year.

In 2024, Gemini Month begins on May 20, at 10:00 amAND ends June 20that 5.51pm, giving the cancer month

The Month of Gemini comes with the restless and versatile energy of Gemini, which can manifest itself in different areas of our lives.

This is because Gemini symbolizes that part of us that wants to know more about what surrounds us, with the hope that, in this way, we will be able to make better choices.

Therefore, the Month of Gemini marks the beginning of a period of greater openness to learning. And this, in a certain sense, will open the doors for you to evaluate your choices and, above all, change your mind if you think you are not going in the right direction.

Gemini energy

OR symbol of the sign of Gemini (as you see below) is characterized by the Roman numeral “II”, an allusion to duality and duplicity.

Represented by the element Air, the Sign of Gemini emphasizes the union of opposing forces that adapt to every situation and moment.

In the Month of Gemini it is therefore time to gather some information on the most disparate topics. Even if you’re not sure what you’re going to do with everything you’re learning.

Gemini thrives on change. Therefore, it is time to evaluate options, paths and alternatives before committing long-term.

In practice the important thing is to learn to be more flexible, but be careful not to overdo it.

How to enjoy the month of Twins

  1. Bet on dialogue: This is a great time to improve your communication skills, explore new concepts, and open yourself up to different perspectives.
  2. Strengthen your connections: The month is conducive to strengthening social bonds, whether reviving old friendships or creating new connections.
  3. Embrace uncertainty: With the influence of Gemini, learning to be flexible and adaptable to change can be very helpful.
  4. Recognize your different facets: Explore and express different aspects of your personality using creative activities such as writing, painting or dancing.
  5. Feed your curiosity: It’s a great time to stimulate your mind with new reading, skills, or concepts, even if you don’t delve into them all.

The month of Gemini for those who come from Twins

If you were born in the month of Gemini it means that your birthday is approaching. In astrology, the birthday is known as Solar return.

The Solar Return occurs when the Sun reaches the exact level it was at when you were born. This generates a Map valid for one year, i.e. from your birthday this year until next. This map reveals who you are and can guide your evolution in this cycle.

The month of Twins for all signs

During the month of Gemini, even if your sign is different, the Sun always illuminates a part of your life. In other words, it highlights different problems in the lives of each of us.

To find out which area of ​​your life the Sun is illuminating now, look step by step:

  • Access the Personal Horoscope here. It’s free!
  • If you are registered on the site, simply log in. But if you don’t have it, include your birth information.
  • You see that you will have a number of transits. It means that some planets are connecting with yours Astrological chart Right now.
  • Then look for the transit “Sun in the House…” and see which house number is highlighted at this moment.

After seeing the Sun in your Horoscope, learn how to prepare for this month:

  • Sun in the 1st House: Ideal time to take care of your physical health and set personal goals. Take the opportunity to improve your self-image and personal development.
  • Sun in the 2nd House: Reevaluate your finances and set financial goals that align with your personal values.
  • Sun in the 3rd House: Improve your communication skills and broaden your knowledge. Strengthen daily and community connections.
  • Sun in the 4th House: Focus on home and family relationships, improving your home environment, and connecting with your roots.
  • Sun in the fifth house: Explore creativity and the pleasures of life. It is a good time for romantic relationships and self-expression.
  • Sun in the sixth house: Organize your routine to promote health and efficiency at work. Adopt healthy habits.
  • Sun in House 7: Promote open communication in relationships and seek long-lasting partnerships. Balance social interactions.
  • Sun in the eighth house: Period of introspection and management of shared resources. Explore deep emotions and strengthen intimate bonds.
  • Sun in House 9: Expand horizons through education and travel. Reflect on beliefs and values, seeking spiritual growth.
  • Sun in the tenth house: Set professional goals and increase your visibility. Take leadership and responsibility at work.
  • Sun in the 11th House: Expand your social circle and collaborate on community projects. Reflect on your future goals.
  • Sun in the 12th House: Dedicate yourself to introspection and self-knowledge. Take care of your mental and emotional health, preparing for a new cycle.

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Tatiana Magalhaes ([email protected])

– Tarot reader and astrologer specializing in Christmas and children’s astrology

Source: Terra

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