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Discover the cheating website that leaked the data of millions of cheaters and became a Netflix series

“Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Scandal” is one of the highlights among streaming premieres

Ashley Madison: sex, lies and scandala documentary in series format that was one of the highlights of Netflix this weekend, made its debut last Wednesday, the 15th, and is based on a real episode of data leak after an attack pirate, in 2015.

The group accused Avid Life Media Inc, a Toronto, Canada-based company that owns the website as well as other platforms such as Cougar Life and Established Men, of “fraud.” According to the attackers, Ashley Madison allowed users who opted out of the service to delete their data only for a fee of $19, but the data was not deleted.

Furthermore, they also claimed that the company had created millions of fake accounts of women to lure men to the site. The company said it had launched investigations with security experts to identify the origin, nature and scope of the incident and also accused the hackers of being moralistic.

Two years later, in 2017, the company changed its name to Ruby Life and was ordered to pay $11.2 million due to the data leak.

Ashley Madison in Brazil

Brazil was the 2nd country with the most website users: 918,000, compared to 1.4 million in the United States. At the time, the Brazilian press reported that Sao Paulo was the city in the world with the highest number of registered profiles: 374.5 thousand, ahead of, for example, New York (268 thousand). The main cities also include Rio de Janeiro (156 thousand) and Brasilia (97 thousand).

Ashley Madison: sex, lies and scandal

The documentary Ashley Madison: sex, lies and scandal debuted on Netflix on May 15, 2024 and, in three episodes, tries to remember the rise and fall of the platform, interviewing users and other people involved in the case, which had international repercussions at the time. You can watch the series on the Netflix website.

Source: Terra

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