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Does bodybuilding make you lose weight? Find out how strength exercises can improve your results

Experts explain the importance of muscle strengthening in the routine of those who want to lose weight

Does bodybuilding make you lose weight? This doubt usually arises in those who are determined to change their lifestyle, practice physical activity and improve their diet to lose weight. In general, people in this situation – who have never had contact with sport before – tend to prioritize aerobic activities. Walking, running or cycling are great alternatives, but they are not the only ones.

Over the last year, the pandemic has kept many people away from physical activity and forced others into a sedentary routine. Simpler practices, such as exercising at work, can help combat this sedentary lifestyle. But, for those looking for a more incisive activity, it is necessary to adopt some precautions. Personal trainer Márcio Lui advises every beginner to first consult a doctor and be monitored by nutrition and physical education professionals.

More muscles, more strength and greater calorie expenditure

With your doctor’s approval and a balanced diet, it’s time to invest in exercise. And this is where many people tend to go wrong, when they only worry about the aerobic part. But after all, does bodybuilding really help you lose weight? According to him, the key to achieving concrete results is to vary your training. “Combining high-intensity training with weight training will help strengthen the body and avoid injuries.”

For those who love running, for example, there are some types of weight exercises that are more recommended. “When we train strength and power stimuli in closed kinetic chain exercises, such as squats, we strengthen the eccentric components of the muscles. This adaptation ensures that the mechanical stress throughout the competition is lower, reducing the accumulation of lactate in the muscle and delaying your fatigue”, says Eric Montagnana, physical educator of the Cia Athletica Unit Granja Vianna.

Additionally, weight training is critical for metabolism and maintaining lean body mass during the weight loss process. According to Adriana Stavro, Master Nutritionist at Centro Universitário São Camilo, increasing muscle mass increases the body’s calorie expenditure, which accelerates weight loss naturally.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

According to Lui, the great advice for those who want to start going to the gym – and discover that weight training makes you lose weight – is to love yourself and not be ashamed to ask for help. “Don’t be afraid to look for a physical educator at your gym so he can give you an exercise program. He’s trained for just that,” he recommends.

According to the staff this is the most effective way to achieve good results in the gym. After all, only a professional will be able to evaluate each person’s individualities and prescribe the correct bodybuilding training for the goal in question. “It doesn’t make sense for students to go to the gym and always do the same sets. The physical education teacher has the role of introducing other activities and showing this new world to those looking to improve their quality of life.”

Proper nutrition is a key part of weight loss

For results to arrive, the nutritional part must go hand in hand with physical activity. This is what nutritionist Adriana also recommends. “In most cases, a multidisciplinary team, including a nutritionist, a doctor, a psychologist and a physical educator, is needed to understand and make changes to eating habits and lifestyle.”

For those who are worried about what they eat, there is no point in following crazy diets that promise miraculous results. Adriana helped us list some safe steps for starting a weight loss diet, such as paying attention to the amount of food you eat and avoiding processed foods.

Source: Terra

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