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Discover the characteristics of the Horse sign in the Chinese Horoscope

In correspondence with Gemini, observe the personality of this native and how he behaves in love

The Horse is the seventh sign of the Chinese Horoscope. In the zodiac it corresponds to Gemini. With Yang polarity, it is ruled by the planet Mars. The native element is fire, the stones are topaz and magnetite, the flower is daisy, the metals are zinc and tin, the herb is anise and the aroma is floral. The colors are yellow and ocher and the lucky number is 5.

“Popular and communicative, the Horse sometimes tends to be reckless. If well directed, this animal can achieve great goals, especially related to the financial sector”, says Tery Kanakura, Feng Shui and Chinese astrology consultant.

Who are the natives of Cavalo?

The natives of Horse sign are people born on the following dates:

  • from 01/25/1906 to 02/12/1907;
  • from 02/11/1918 to 01/31/1919;
  • from 01/30/1930 to 02/16/1931;
  • from 02/15/1942 to 02/04/1943;
  • from 02.03.1954 to 01.23.1955;
  • from 01/21/1966 to 02/08/1967;
  • from 02/07/1978 to 01/27/1979;
  • from 01/27/1990 to 02/14/1991;
  • from 12/02/2002 to 31/01/2003;
  • from 01/31/2014 to 02/18/2015;

If you were born between 11am and 1pm, your ascendant is the Horse.

Amazing characteristics of the horse

According to tarotist and numerologist Victor Souza, those born under the sign of the Horse they hate superficiality. They normally relate to people with whom they have intellectual affinities and who never let the relationship fall into routine or boredom. “They are highly independent and avoid any attempt at domination,” he says.

Among the most important virtues of the natives of Cavalo is their lively and sharp intelligence, which, as Victor Souza explains, combines with the ability to communicate, adapt and be versatile. “The horse is an animal with a great capacity for action and becomes more efficient if well trained and disciplined”, adds Tery Kanakura.

Horse natives can be fickle

Aspects that need to be developed

Just like the others Chinese horoscope signs, the Horse also has characteristics that it must develop. According to Victor Souza, the principal refers to his fickle character, which makes him superficial and fickle. Therefore, it is difficult to predict their reactions.

Horse natives in relationships

Victor Souza explains that those born in Cavalo seek a more subtle pleasure: that of seduction. They are people with logical and agile reasoning; Therefore, they are able to capture the hidden meaning of words and gestures. “Very critical of themselves, they are also demanding of the people they interact with,” he adds.

Source: Terra

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