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How to replace olive oil in a healthy way and save money?

Given the high prices of olive oil, discover four efficient options for replacing it and the benefits of each

Olive oil has always been among the choices of those seeking a healthy and balanced diet. However, with prices rising by more than 50% over the past year (the result of a combination of bad harvests in European producing regions and a significant appreciation of the dollar), many consumers have had to reconsider their options and even replace the olive oil.

Consequently, the increase in the prices of the product inevitably ended up being reflected in the consumption habits of Brazilians: the data indicate a reduction in the presence of olive oil in purchases, with an incidence falling from 4.3% to 2 .4% in the February 2023 and February 2024 note tax.

According to the nutritionist Carolina AccorsiThis challenging scenario has ended up opening spaces in the market for the growth of viable alternatives, which not only replace this type of oil, but also offer various nutritional benefits.

Options for substituting olive oil

Below, Caroline cites options that she believes are good choices for those looking to replace olive oil, pointing to the health benefits of each.

Peanut oil

Peanut oil is rich in vitamins E, B1 and B2. In addition to being a healthy option in the kitchen, this oil is stable when heated, not altering the flavor of foods, making it a viable option for high-temperature cooking. CRAS Brasil, a leader in exports, has expanded its production capacity to meet growing demand, especially from international markets such as China and Europe.

sesame oil

Sesame has gained prominence due to its adaptability to climate change and low production costs. The extracted oil is rich in essential and bioactive fatty acids, which can help reduce cardiovascular problems. Sesame oil is a versatile addition to cooking, used both for sautéing and to add a distinct flavor to sauces and marinades.

Coconut oil

A favorite among vegans, coconut oil is known for its functional properties, including antiviral and antibacterial actions. It is an excellent source of fatty acids and antioxidants. Coconut oil is extremely versatile and can be used both at high temperatures and in salad dressings or as a substitute for butter in sweet vegan recipes.

Palm oil

With its distinctive flavor and aroma, palm oil is a mainstay of Afro-Brazilian cuisine. In addition to being an excellent oil for cooking at high temperatures and sautéing foods, its nutritional properties include omega 6 and 9, and vitamins A and E, which help strengthen the immune system and prevent premature aging.

Source: Terra

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