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The seven best croissants in Sao Paulo, according to the chefs

Find out where to eat this essential item of viennoiserie, the art of puff pastry

A challenge even for the best pastry chefs, the croissant must be crunchy on the outside, very soft on the inside and with a unique buttery flavour. It is a recipe that requires technique and patience. To get you a taste of the best croissants in the state, we asked eight chefs for recommendations on places that serve the delicious puff pastry in Sao Paulo. Check out the tips below!

Chefs consulted (in alphabetical order)

  • Amilcar Azevedo, from the NOU restaurant.
  • Aurélio Sena, from Tantin and Ventre.
  • Diego Gimenez, of the Trio restaurant.
  • Gabriel Marques, from Osteria Nonna Rosa.
  • Marcelo Schomer, of Chez Amis Bistrô.
  • Roberta Diacoli, from the Greek Tavern of Petros.
  • Rodrigo Aguiar, of the Jacarandá Restaurant.
  • Salvatore Loi from Moderna Mamma Osteria.

Le Blé

According to Rodrigo Aguiar, the bread house Le Blé has become a point of reference in the field of croissants. Owner Fabio Pasquale specializes in the puff pastry line and has included delicious croissants in his menu, which are served alone – for R$12 a piece – or in sandwiches – as a hot mix (R$30).

“I think the Le Blé croissant is very puffy on the outside, but has a little more moisture on the inside, which makes it softer on the inside. I know the owners and I know that they work with excellent ingredients, from butter to flour,” he underlines. Gabriel Marques, of Osteria Nonna Rosa, agrees: “I really like it there, I think the croissant is very well balanced and the layers are very suggestive.”


R. Pará, 252 – Higienópolis | R. Father João Manuel, 968 – Gardens



The Casarìa croissant is also the favorite of two chefs: Roberta Diacoli and Salvatore Loi. Diacoli comments that the Jardins restaurant has a “rustic and very elegant atmosphere and serves excellent croissants”. Loi says that she likes to eat it plain, without filling, at room temperature, “it is very puffy, well cooked, not bitter, perfect to eat with cappuccino”.

The house serves breakfast from 7:00 to 11:00 during the week and, on weekends and holidays, from 7:00 to 12:00. During this period you can order the traditional croissant with butter and jam (R$ 19), a croissant sandwich stuffed with fried egg, mozzarella and black truffle sauce (R$ 42) or with smoked salmon, guacamole, fried egg and sour cream . (R$54). There is also a hot mixed meal (R$29) and a sweet almond croissant option (R$18).


Rua Eglefino Lobo, 1077 – Jardim Paulista



“My favorite is the Dama pastry, which is made with exceptional techniques and offers different flavors,” says Amilcar Azevedo, chef of the NOU restaurant. The traditional house croissant costs R$18 and the almond croissant costs R$27.

You can also choose a variety of rolls made with puff pastry, with flavors of spicy mix, crazy meat and spicy cheese – from R$35.


R. Ferreira de Araújo, 376 – Pinheiros


Let’s make bread

Marco Aurélio Sena, from Tantin e do Ventre, recommends the Fazemos Pão croissant, which according to him is “always fresh, perfect and incredibly up to par”. The artisan bakery has a wide range of croissants, including traditional croissants (R$14.40), almond croissants (R$19.20) and filled with vanilla cream (R$21.60) and Gruyère cheese ( R$ 21.60).

You can also order croissant sandwiches, such as hot cheese and hot mixed, both for R$19.20.


Rua Simão Álvares, 121 – Pinheiros


Maria Maria Bakery

“Their croissant is extremely flaky, both inside and out, with moisture inside. It’s one of those that melts whole in your mouth.” A big fan of croissants from Marie Marie Bakery, the chef at Jacarandá Restaurante also recommended this place as one of the best. “For me it was one of the first places in Sao Paulo that stood out for the production of a very high quality croissant, truly French style,” he concludes.

The traditional croissant costs R$13 and the almond croissant costs R$20. There is also a mini chocolate croissant with caramel sauce that costs R$25. On Fridays and Saturdays they serve a very different charcoal croissant (R$17), black in colour. Furthermore, the croissant can be served as an accompaniment to various egg-based preparations and in sandwiches from R$27, including a burger with creamy cheddar cheese and house mayonnaise (R$52), from 11am.


Rua Azevedo Soares, 2532 – Tatuapé


Santiago Bakery

With five variations of croissants starting from R$13, Padaria Santiago is the suggestion of Marcelo Schomer, chef of Chez Amis Bistrô. There you can guarantee the traditional croissant, with almonds, Canastra cheese and grilled options.

“These are high quality products in an artisan bakery where respect for the natural fermentation process is clearly respected. It is a standard established from the opening until today, the croissant is truly different, being one of the best in SP,” he says the chef.


R. Tavares Bastos, 750 – Perdizes | R. Maria Antônia, 211 – Higienópolis


Anima Buona Bakery

Finally, Diego Gimenez, chef of the Trio restaurant, reveals that the croissant from Soul Good Bakery, in Jundiaí, is his favourite. Your viennoiserie includes traditional croissant (R$17), almond croissant (R$27) and grilled croissant (R$19). “The mix of quality ingredients and techniques is the highlight. For those who have never had an original French croissant, it’s a good place to feel like you’re in France.”


R. Abílio Figueiredo 264 – Jundiaí (SP)


Source: Terra

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