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Does dark nail polish strengthen nails?  Myths and truths on the subject

Does dark nail polish strengthen nails? Myths and truths on the subject

Does dark nail polish strengthen nails?  Myths and truths on the subject

Also find out if painting your nails weekly can be harmful

If you’re in the habit of getting your nails done regularly, you may have heard that “painting all the time is bad for you.” But, ultimately, is it true or is it just another myth circulating? Below, clarify the most frequently asked questions about nail care!

Can you paint your nails weekly?

Second Pamela Juventinotechnical trainer, beautician and nail and gel procedure specialist at Sua Hora Unha, yes you can paint your nails weekly.

“It is commonly said that a pause to breathe is necessary, but this is not true, as these are dead cells there is no need. If, for example, they are weak, it is even advisable for the person to apply at least a strengthening base, if not they want to enamel them”, he guarantees.

It is worth remembering that it is necessary pay close attention to the biosafety of the environment and the technique used during the application and removal of nail polish, to ensure that contamination by microorganisms does not occur, which can also lead to weakening of the nails.

“In this case, research the space, visit the sterilization room, observe hygiene during the service and, of course, talk to your manicurist to find out the means used for safety during the service”, advises Pamela.

Does dark nail polish strengthen nails?

No. “There’s this myth that dark nail polishes make nails stronger, with the only difference being the dye,” she says.

Is it possible to remove gel from nails without damaging them?

REAL. To remove the gel from the nails without damaging them it is possible, in addition to sanding, to use specific products. “Their use helps in chemical removal and prevents nails from being damaged by excessive use of sandpaper, which is the safest process to avoid damage to natural nails,” he concludes.

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