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8 unusual ways to use a cappuccino machine – from cleaning to making breakfast

8 unusual ways to use a cappuccino machine – from cleaning to making breakfast

8 unusual ways to use a cappuccino machine – from cleaning to making breakfast

Do you have a coffee machine with a cappuccino maker? There is also non-standard usage!

This steam wand is designed to texturize milk, but there are other ways to use a cappuccino maker, and some of them will definitely surprise you.

Warm up a cup or drink

We will start the list of tips with a cappuccino machine with a banal tip: the nozzle can heat a cup or its contents. “With drinks, everything is simple – dip the tube shallowly into the liquid and turn on the device – it will generate steam, but will not foam anything. This alternative use of a cappuccino machine is ideal for hot chocolate and wine, for example,” says barista Kayla Stavridis.

Do you need your cup to be hot? Place the tube at its base and let the nozzle rotate for a few seconds. There may be water accumulated at the bottom – pour it out and wipe the cup clean.

Wondering why this unusual way of using a cappuccino machine is necessary? I recommend pouring your coffee into a hot cup – this will help maintain its temperature and taste: when the drink cools quickly, it becomes bitter and sour.
Kayla Stavridis Barista

To melt chocolate


When it comes to cooking, useful tips for making a cappuccino go beyond melting candy bars, but the chocolate tip is the most popular, according to Kayla. “Do you have a very, very, very hard tile that has been living in your refrigerator since the dawn of time? Break it into pieces, throw it into a bowl, place it directly under the frother and turn on the cappuccino machine. Don’t forget to stir the chocolate so it melts evenly,” she advises.

Helps the dough rise

Do you have a special basket for proofing dough? We neither. But, as Stavridis explains, there’s another side to using a cappuccino machine at home: It will help create a warm, humid environment that will help the bread rise instantly. “All you have to do is steam a large plastic container for a few minutes, then place the dough in it and cover the container with a kitchen towel or wrap it in plastic wrap,” explains Kayla.

Disinfect kitchen utensils

“This is my favorite way to use a cappuccino machine in a non-standard way. It is not so simple, for example, to sterilize a stainless steel knife – vinegar is harmful to it, bleach is in principle not suitable, and soap may not be enough. If you need to use the tool immediately after it comes into contact with raw meat, simply hold it under the attachment and the steam will kill any bacteria,” says Kayla.

Clean your jewelry

This is perhaps the most unusual function of a cappuccino machine: it can replace a professional steam cleaner used by jewelers. However, use steam with caution: it is not suitable for soft stones or coated jewelry.

Prepare breakfast

If you still don’t have enough time in the morning, you will enjoy making breakfast with a cappuccino machine – it’s not only quick, but very quick.

“When it comes to poached eggs, the dedication rivals that of any chef. Pour hot water into a cup, add a little vinegar, crack an egg in and turn on the cappuccino machine: the steam will gently cook the whites while keeping the yolk runny,” advises coffee expert Steve Spring .

Another way to use the cappuccino maker differently is to make scrambled eggs. According to bestselling cooking author Dorie Greenspan, scrambled eggs are simply delicious: soft, fluffy, and extraordinarily delicious.

Make a puree

Another idea for using a cappuccino machine is to quickly prepare fruit or vegetable purees. Of course, you can’t boil potatoes (a microwave can handle that better), but the attachment can steam an apple or cauliflower cut into small pieces – then you just need to mash them with a fork and add the necessary spices.

Sterilize small objects

You can also use the cappuccino machine for cleaning, because when cleaning dozens of small objects need to be cleaned – toothbrushes, can openers, keys, nail scissors – and so on. All can be disinfected using a steam nozzle: simply hold the item under it for a few seconds and then wipe it dry.

Source: The Voice Mag

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