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Weekly horoscope: prediction of zodiac signs from 3 to 9 June 2024

Weekly horoscope: prediction of zodiac signs from 3 to 9 June 2024

Weekly horoscope: prediction of zodiac signs from 3 to 9 June 2024

The astrologer explains what the stars have in store for each native in the coming days

This week, the Sun in Gemini will be conjunct Venus and Mercury, passing the Moon mid-week and squaring Saturn. Although this Gemini energy brings movement, Saturn will point out limitations and blocks that can generate discomfort and insecurity, but it will also help you develop maturity and a sense of reality to better direct your energy.

Mercury will also be conjunct Uranus and Jupiter, which favors travel, self-knowledge and the possibility of freeing oneself from limiting patterns, promoting greater awareness and flexibility in ideas. However, the mind will remain very active and agitated.

Mars in Aries will form a tense aspect to Pluto, indicating a period of access to deep pain, driving transformation with courage and determination. However, it can also lead to radical and impulsive actions, as well as increase conflicts.

Always remembering that each person will feel these energies depending on the way they interact with their Astral Map.


Despite the need for social movements, life’s responsibilities will cause you to slow down, put your feet on the ground, and face possible obstacles and blocks that could delay your plans. Although a little uncomfortable, this phase will allow you to organize your mind and gain more clarity on the direction of your energy.

Trading will be slower, but more secure and reliable. You will enter a phase with enough energy and vitality to fight for your autonomy and independence. However, you will find feelings of insecurity touched by internal fears and trauma.


In the coming days, Taurus may face some limitations

This week, despite the possibility of earning more money and you increase your ability to manage your resources, some limitations and situations will arise that may prevent you from enjoying the desired comfort. This phase will allow you to deal with finances in a more conscious and responsible way.

Take the opportunity to get organized and gain more clarity on what you really want to build. You will have more energy and vitality to fight for your independence and autonomy. The more aware you are of directing your energy, the better results you will achieve.


This week everything will be felt more intensely, making emotions fluctuate more. The presence of people who guarantee safety will become very important. You will face feelings of insecurity and self-control, as well as situations that will not flow at the desired speed.

Although challenging, this period will allow you to better organize your actions and direct them with maturity and awareness, increasing the chances of achieving the desired result. Try to welcome yourself, take care of your emotions and act with caution, then everything will be fine.


It will be a period of closure in your life and, this week, you will face feelings of hopelessness and pessimism. Don’t get carried away by these emotions and direct your own power recognize the cycles that need to be completed, even if this brings discomfort. Face your fears and inner ghosts with maturity and realism, understanding that everything has its right time to happen.

This period will be very favorable for the development of your spirituality. So, strengthen yourself to face the challenges that arise, as well as gain greater clarity about yourself and the reasons that lead you to experience suffering situations again and again.


Leo will experience a very challenging phase

This week you will enter a very challenging phase of your professional life, with the energy, vitality and confidence needed to fight for what you want to achieve. Your leadership skills will be at the highest level. However, fears will arise that could lead to acting impulsively and radically, resulting in conflict and loss.

Observe and take care of emotions and everything that triggers old pain and wounds. Use your courage to face these fears and give them new meaning, finding significant inner strength. Group movements will remain supportive and help balance your emotions.


You will enter a growth phase in professional life and, this week, you will grow closer to people you admire, receive recognition from your superiors, and experience greater financial abundance. Take advantage of this moment with awareness and attention to the opportunities that arise.

However, you will also face feelings of insecurity and demandingness, as well as internal pressures that can shake your self-esteem and lead to thoughts of hopelessness and pessimism. Don’t let these feelings get you down and try to analyze with maturity and a sense of reality how you have dedicated yourself to your career and what you can do to achieve your goals.


You will experience a phase of greater connection with your dreams and ideals and, this week, these feelings will become even more evident, as will the desire to expand your horizons and connect with what you truly believe. Take advantage of the moment to nourish yourself with your beliefs, dedicating yourself to religious, spiritual and academic studies.

However, one must be aware of the tendency to commit excesses and exaggerate optimism, as this could lead to several losses. Despite this enthusiasm, you will face unpleasant situations that can cause delays in your plans or blockages, but which will also help you develop a greater sense of reality.


Scorpios will enter a phase of greater contact with their shadows and internal pain

This week you will enter a phase of greater contact with your shadows and your inner pain, but you will also find more strength and hope to give new meaning to the traumatic situations you have experienced and free yourself from patterns of behavior harmful.

Even in the face of challenges, you will be able to connect with all the power you need to transform yourself and let go of what is harmful, moving towards a more conscious path and making room for new opportunities in your life. Pay attention to feelings of pessimism that may arise and don’t get carried away by them. Face situations with awareness and maturity to give new meanings and move forward.


You will seek balance and harmony in your relationships, especially on an emotional level, and these feelings will become even more evident this week. However, you will have to face insecurities and needs that could lead you to give in excessively for fear of abandonment.

Pay attention to this and observe the dynamics of your relationships with more maturity, establishing the necessary limits and remembering to welcome and value yourself. You will also face fears and wounds from the past that will shake your self-esteem, but have the courage to face them and recognize your qualities.


Even if you are going through a more challenging phase and organization in the routine, in this period the movements will slow down and greater needs and responsibilities will arise. This can lead to feelings of pessimism, so focus on resolving the challenges that arise in an informed and mature manner.

Embrace your emotions and seek to strengthen yourself in what provides emotional security, allowing you to approach situations with more optimism and rationality. On the other hand, new movements will also emerge, which will bring more energy and joy to your routine, as well as good changes.


Aquarians will experience a phase of greater connection with their own essence and personal genius

You will experience a phase of greater connection with your essence and personal genius, but you will have to face self-confidence and insecurities that could make you doubt yourself and your potential. Feelings of lack will also arise, affecting your relationships and causing emotional instability, leading you to accept less than you truly deserve.

Pay attention to these internal movements and don’t get carried away by pessimism. Strengthen your awareness of your true potential, dedicate yourself to activities that you enjoy and that bring you pleasure, and embrace the discomforts that emerge to learn from them and identify their roots.


You will enter a phase of greater connection with your memories, memories and relations family members. Good time to strengthen yourself emotionally through these connections. However, this week, you will have to face needs and limitations that could cause quite a bit of inconvenience.

It will be a stimulating opportunity to address your relationships and family memories in a more conscious and realistic way, establishing the necessary limits, both external and internal. Additionally, you will recognize the importance of offering yourself the support you seek from others. This will strengthen you and help you achieve even greater balance.

By the astrologer Thais Mariano

Source: Terra

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