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Influencer Dies After Applying PMMA; Understanding the Risks

Influencer Dies After Applying PMMA; Understanding the Risks

Influencer Dies After Applying PMMA; Understanding the Risks

Influencer Aline Maria Ferreira died last Tuesday (2/7), days after applying PMMA to increase the volume of her buttocks

Influencer Aline Maria Ferreira, 33, died last Tuesday (2/7), due to complications from the application of PMMA on her buttocks. The model had been hospitalized in a private hospital in Brasilia since June 29 and underwent surgery on June 23 at an aesthetic clinic in Goiânia.

The clinic was closed by the Health Surveillance and the owner of the place, Grazielly da Silva Barbosa, was arrested by the Civil Police of Goiás on charges of crimes against relations with consumers. According to g1, the Regional Council of Biomedicine (CRBM) of Goiás reported that it had not found any professional registration in the name of the woman.

Risks arising from the application of PMMA

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a nonabsorbable substance widely used for filler procedures, primarily for the buttocks. However, the practice poses health risks, warns plastic surgeon Fernando Amato.

“Permanent fillers such as PMMA, because they are foreign substances to the body, can cause biofilm formation and chronic local inflammation, as well as increase the possibility of infection. Without proper treatment, this can lead to more serious complications,” she explains.

In addition, PMMA filling can generate a granulomatous inflammatory process, which generates an increased amount of an enzyme called 1-alpha-hydroxylase. This enzyme is necessary to convert the inactive form of vitamin D into the active form, calcitriol.

“This converted vitamin D can cause hypercalcemia, which is an excess of calcium in the blood that will be absorbed by the intestines, as well as calcium removed from the bones. This increase in calcium can interfere with the proper functioning of the kidneys, with the formation of stones, which can even progress to kidney failure,” warns Fernando.

So, according to the specialist, the advice is not to take vitamin supplements without the doctor’s advice, as if they were harmless. “If the person decides to undergo filler surgery, talk to the plastic surgeon. Inform him about all the medications he is taking, including vitamins,” he concludes.

Source: Terra

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