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Japanese Names for Boys: 40 Options with Meanings

Japanese Names for Boys: 40 Options with Meanings

Japanese Names for Boys: 40 Options with Meanings

Discover 40 Japanese Names for Boys: Japanese Names with Meanings

Japanese culture is highly admired for its cuisine and, of course, its customs and values. Based on this long tradition, many parents choose to give their child a name of Japanese origin. To make the selection process easier, we have selected 40 Japanese male names and their respective meanings. Check out the list!

Akira: means “bright” and can be considered unisex

Fuyuki: It can mean “winter tree” or “winter of hope”

Gohan: means “he who is nourished by understanding”

Goku: the name that became popular thanks to the character of souls means “heavenly illumination”

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Hayato: means “a person who acts promptly”

Hidetaka: means “responsible”

Hiroki: means “joy of prosperity”

Hiroshi: means “generous”

Ichiro: usually given to firstborns, meaning “first son”

Iori: Originally Japanese, it means “home of a hermit”

Isao: means “man of merit”

Kanji: means “with a calm voice”

Katsuo: means “victorious”

Kazumi: means “beautiful harmony”

Kazuo: means “first man”

Ken: means “healthy”

Kenichi: means “wise”

Kenjiro: name given to the second son, as it literally means “second son”

Kentaro: means “healthy, great man”

Kiichi: It is also a common name for firstborns as it means “happy first child”

Koji: can mean “prosperous” or “peace”

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Japanese Names for Boys: 40 Options with Meanings

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