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5 ideas to create unforgettable flower bouquets!

5 ideas to create unforgettable flower bouquets!

5 ideas to create unforgettable flower bouquets!

Francine Arruda, a specialist in floral arrangements, offers ideas for creating beautiful bouquets full of meaning, with suggestions for species.

Flowers are ideal gifts: they light up the spaces of the house and the hearts of those who receive them. However, it is not always easy to choose which species will make up a bouquet. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, flowers have meanings that can be taken into account in the composition. “Both for bouquets and compositions, I suggest mixing flowers to express exactly what you feel, in a beautiful, unique and memorable way,” explains Francine Arruda, also known as Flower Fairyfloral arrangements specialist.

Romantic Bouquet Tips

Francine suggests, to romantic bouquetsone combination of red roses and white daisies. “Red roses are magnificent on their own, but when paired with white daisies they acquire a delicate and ethereal touch. This combination is classic and elegant, perfect for a passionate and pure love”, she comments. Another idea is the white or painted orchids (phalaenopsis) and red roses.


“Sunflowers and yellow tulips for a happy and vibrant accord. This combination is perfect for expressing a love that brings happiness and light into both of our lives,” she says.

Discover below the 5 ideas of Fada Flor to compose unforgettable bouquets

1. Bouquet with a mix of exotic and native flowers

Proteas or orchids with native flowers of your region. “This not only creates an interesting contrast, but also highlights the local biodiversity and gives an authentic touch to the accommodation,” says Francine.


2. Bouquet with different textures

Use a combination of flowers with different textures, such as succulent, velvety flowers (like cockscomb), and flowers with thin petals (like anemones). Also use eucalyptus leaves, ferns or moss to enrich the composition.


3. Perfume with foliage and aromatic herbs

To incorporate various foliage and aromatic herbs such as rosemary, mint or lavender. This not only adds texture and volume, but also brings a pleasant aroma to the composition, creating a complete sensory experience.

4. Bouquet with unconventional containers


Instead of traditional vases, use unusual containers such as wooden boxes, ceramic vases, milk cans (painted in the desired color) or even decorative cups. This gives a sense of exclusivity to the deal.

5. Bouquet with personal stories

Add personal items like notes, photos or significant objects (a pendant, an old key) to the agreement. These touches make the gift even more special and unique.

Source: Terra

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