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What is PMMA, a filler that caused the death of an influencer

What is PMMA, a filler that caused the death of an influencer

What is PMMA, a filler that caused the death of an influencer

The permanent nature and low cost of PMMA are attractive for using the substance as a filler

Recently, influencer Aline Maria Ferreira da Silva died after undergoing buttock filling surgery with PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate), a substance with a high rate of complications.

“PMMA is a low-cost permanent filler gel, which attracts many patients. But it has a high rate of long-term complications and can show reactions even years after application, such as nodules and inflammation. In addition, it is a substance that we cannot eliminate in isolation. Therefore, if necessary due to complications, this removal can damage the filled tissues, causing their deformation,” says dermatologist Mônica Aribi, a full member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

He explains that, even in the absence of complications, PMMA is often unable to generate definitive satisfaction for patients.

“This is because the aging process can cause structural changes that are not accompanied by the product, making it more prominent and generating unsightly effects,” he adds.

News like this ends up generating great fear among people who want to undergo fillers, regardless of the substance used. But Mônica Arbi emphasizes that there is no reason not to do the procedure if you want to, since, if done with the correct substance and technique, it is perfectly safe.

“In fact, despite being approved by Anvisa for aesthetic and restorative purposes, PMMA is currently little used in fillers by dermatologists and plastic surgeons and is not recommended by the Brazilian Society of Dermatologists and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Currently, the standard substance for fillers is hyaluronic acid,” explains the doctor.


The beauty of hyaluronic acid is that it is biocompatible, making it very safe when applied correctly.

“Hyaluronic acid, the most commonly used substance in fillers, is absorbed by the body after about a year. Also, when there is an overcorrection, we can use an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which works by dissolving hyaluronic acid,” explains plastic surgeon Beatriz Lassance, a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

«But it is important to highlight that some studies show that the substance does not completely dissolve the product, so, depending on the amount of hyaluronic acid used, several sessions may be necessary», adds the doctor.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, another great option, according to Beatriz, is fat, which is removed by the patient himself through liposuction.

“After the treatment, this fat is reinjected into the skin to promote volume. Therefore, there is no risk of rejection,” explains the plastic surgeon, who explains that this procedure is known as fat grafting. “Although it is not permanent, only a portion of the fat is reabsorbed, thus helping to maintain the results. In addition, the fat contains stem cells that promote powerful tissue regeneration in the treated area,” he explains.

Finally, Mônica Aribi warns that it is essential to take some precautions to avoid complications. “Be wary of prices well below the market, as it could be an indication that the substance that will be used is not of high quality. Also, ask your doctor if you have any questions, ask what product will be used, and ask to see the label and syringe before application,” advises the doctor.

She stresses the importance of seeking a specialized professional. “To avoid complications and exaggerations in appearance, the person who will perform the procedure must be an experienced and qualified doctor. Even safe substances such as hyaluronic acid can cause complications if applied incorrectly,” she concludes.


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