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Chocolate Day: 4 Love Spells With This Delicacy

Chocolate Day: 4 Love Spells With This Delicacy

Chocolate Day: 4 Love Spells With This Delicacy

Want to sweeten your relationships? Use these super powerful chocolate spells to awaken love in your life

Today, July 7th, we celebrate the World Chocolate Day. And who doesn’t love this delicious dessert, right? However, besides tasting it, you can also use this food in spells to improve your love life!

That’s right! Chocolate sympathies are great for rekindling passions and making you happier in romance.

Then, you see 4 Powerful Chocolate Spells:

To reawaken the passion

Take a white plate and place two chocolates or candies that contain chocolate on it. Wrap the sweets with a red ribbon and then tie the ends to form a bow. It is not necessary to tie the sweets, but leave the ribbon around them, inside the white plate.

Then light a red candle and dedicate it to the goddess Aphrodite. Make a wish to the goddess and let the candle burn out. Then, hold the red ribbon and when you find your partner, give him or her one of the sweets. The other one you have to eat. Wash the plate and use it normally.

To be closer to your love

Buy two identical chocolates, with the same appearance, brand and flavor. Take one, unwrap it and place the candy near your heart, without touching your body. Make a request to the goddess Aphrodite, so she can help you be closer to your partner and have a stronger love story.

Then, wrap the candy in the package and give it to your loved one. Other candies that you can eat next to your love.

To live a full love

Buy a candy and eat it, keeping a small piece in the paper it was wrapped in. Place a coin of any value on the paper and drizzle it with a little honey. Wrap it all up and leave it near an anthill.

Leave the place without looking back. The next day, go back and get the newspaper and throw it in the trash.

Being happy in romance

First, on a Friday afternoon, eat a chocolate with your loved one and put the package away. At dusk, place the package in a small box or jewelry box along with rose petals, saying: “Sweet as chocolate, the good times are! Beautiful as flowers, the good times are! (Name of person) is Yours is my heart”, just as your heart is mine!”

Then, put everything back in your closet, leaving it there for as long as you feel necessary.

Source: Joao Bidu

Source: Terra

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