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A young man from Minas Gerais performs the first ankle transplant in Brazil

A young man from Minas Gerais performs the first ankle transplant in Brazil

A young man from Minas Gerais performs the first ankle transplant in Brazil

Fantástico told the story of the 17-year-old boy

The young Victor Miguel, aged 17, received the First ankle transplant performed in Brazil. The story was told by Fantasticfrom the TVGlobethis Sunday, 7.

Football enthusiast, the miner from Santa Bárbara He lost movement in his left foot due to leukemia treatment. Before the transplant, he used a temporary prosthesis for four years, until 2023, when it completed the development phase and was ready for a permanent solution.

“We have not found any reports of similar transplants performed in Brazil. The advantage of this transplant is that it preserves the ankle movement without wear and tear, allowing it to perform impact activities,” explained Rodrigo Simões Castilho, a specialist in foot and ankle surgery at Rede MaterDei BH, to Fantastic.

In December last year, Victor was registered at the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (INTO), which is the bank intended for the collection and distribution of bones, tendons, cartilage and menisci.

The expected news did not take long to arrive. In May of this year, doctors were informed of the compatibility of cartilage and bone tissue and the the surgery was performed successfully.

The team now hopes that Victor will be able to walk again within six months. As time goes by, he will also have to return to the life he led before losing his movement, including playing football.

The treatments, however, did not stop with the transplant. The miner goes daily to a private hospital in Belo Horizonte to continue the treatments. He spends approximately 1h30 receiving oxygen under pressure in a hyperbaric chamber with the aim of improving circulation in the tissues, controlling swelling and stimulating the formation of new vessels which will promote healing.

For the future, Victor has a dream outside the futsal fields. O the boy wants to become an oncologist to help children who have experienced the same thing.

Source: Terra

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