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Can a child be born with a different skin tone than his parents?

Can a child be born with a different skin tone than his parents?

Can a child be born with a different skin tone than his parents?

Children do not always have the same skin color or hair texture as their parents. Understand how physical characteristics are modified.

In August 2021, the Pastor Marcos Davis took to social media to report prejudiced comments that his family received after posting photos of their newborn son. The messages included questions about the origins of the child, who was born with light skin despite both parents being black origin.

Although not always recorded, this type of microaggression It happens more often than you might think. Many parents, both of the same and different ethnicities, are exposed to discriminatory comments about the characteristics of their children and often their paternity is questioned.

But the reality is that a child will not always have the same characteristics as his parents. “A child with parents of black origin can be born lighter and this skin can change color over time,” says Cristina Carvalho, geneticist at IGENOMIX.

The expert explains that, when we talk about blacks in Brazil, we must remember that we are a highly diverse population. mixed race. Therefore, people who identify as black, for the most part, have a very wide range in skin pigmentation, a factor that stems from the great history of miscegenation.

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How is a child’s skin color formed?

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