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Two of the most common types of cancer in Brazil are initially asymptomatic

Two of the most common types of cancer in Brazil are initially asymptomatic

Two of the most common types of cancer in Brazil are initially asymptomatic

Find out what the five most common cancers are in the country and learn how to avoid two that occur in the digestive system

According to National Cancer Institute (INCA), the cancer with the highest incidence in Brazil is non-melanoma skin cancer, with 31.3% of cases. It is followed by female breast and prostate cancer, which account for 10.5%. Next, colon and rectal cancer represent 6.5%; next is lung, with 4.6%, and finally stomach (3.1%).

Cancer linked to the digestive system

Two of these are related to the digestive system, the colon-rectum and the stomach. Often at first they can be completely asymptomatic, leaving the patient unaware that they may have some type of tumor. Therefore, usually, when symptoms appear, the case can be at an advanced stage and more difficult to treat. Therefore, prevention and health care are necessary. Below, digestive surgeons Dr. Andre Augusto Pintoand in general Dr. Alvaro FariaThey indicate what to do to avoid both versions of the disease.

Healthy lifestyles

To avoid stomach cancer and colorectal cancer, it is necessary to make lifestyle changes. Because the person must be healthy and undergo routine tests. In the first case, it is essential to avoid alcohol, cigarettes and salt consumption and make appointments to verify the need for digestive endoscopy. For the second, the main preventive test is colonoscopy, which allows direct visualization of suspicious lesions, biopsies and removal of lesions in the early stages.

People should have these tests, in rotation, starting at age 45 or, if they have a first-degree relative who has had colorectal cancer, they should be done 10 years before diagnosis. “For example, if a parent was diagnosed at age 52, his or her children should have a colonoscopy at age 42.”explains Augusto Pinto.

“In both cases, treatments can range from the need for surgery to a combination of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, being individualized based on the type and stage of the cancer”explains Faria. Nevertheless, when cases are diagnosed early, the chances of recovery are significantly greater.

Source: Terra

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