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Learn How to Cast 7 Spells to Create and Maintain Friendships

Learn How to Cast 7 Spells to Create and Maintain Friendships

Learn How to Cast 7 Spells to Create and Maintain Friendships

Do you want to start new relationships, maintain old ones, or even improve the one that’s not going so well? Use these friendship spells!

Have good friendship relations It is something very important in a person’s life. After all, friends can become like a second family and arguing with one of them can be even more painful than arguing with a relative.

Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate good and true friendships and do your best to maintain those that are worthy. To do this, you need to possess characteristics such as understanding and companionship.

However, if a problem has arisen in the friendship or you want to make new friends and keep them, some sympathies can help! Below, see 7 powerful friendship spell options:

Being sincere in friendships

Buy an agate stone and leave it overnight. In the morning, take the stone and place it at the entrance of your house. Leave it there until 8:00 p.m. At this time, hold the stone in your hand and pray to your guardian angel, asking for a lot of sincerity and loyalty in your circle of friends.

Then, put this stone in a yellow bag and close it with a yellow thread. Always carry this patuá with you.

To not lose a friend

Using a green pen, write your full name and your friend’s name in the shape of a cross on a piece of cloth. Fold as many times as you like and secure with a pin. As you cast this spell, say any prayers you like.

Keep the package in your drawer and leave it there until you realize that the danger of losing this friendship has passed. Throw the package with the pin in the trash and go back to using the pen as usual.

To bring friends together

Buy 2 small crystals and soak them in a little water and coconut soap overnight. The next day, at noon, throw the water in the sink and wash the crystals, asking the angel Aniel to help you reunite your friends who are fighting. Then, give each person a crystal, without telling them the real reason.

To avoid being jealous in friendship

Light a blue candle and observe its flame for a few seconds. Then close your eyes and say: “Friendship has brought us together and nothing can keep us apart.” Wait for the candle to finish burning, collect the remains and bury it in a flowerpot. Wash the saucer and use it as normal.

Take care of the flower with care, because as long as it is beautiful, envy will not disturb your relationships with friends.

To establish a friendship

If you want to strengthen your friendship with someone, toast with them, drinking their favorite liquor. Whatever is left of the liquor in your glass, you must offer it to your patron saint. This spell must be performed during the Full Moon.

To attract friends

Make a bag with a purple cloth and put inside an amethyst stone, eucalyptus leaves and on a sheet of paper written Psalm 9. Close with white thread and drop 2 drops of eucalyptus essence on the cloth. Always carry this patuá with you and, thus, Hahaiah will help you find faithful friends.

To win someone’s friendship

Buy a white candle and stick 4 pins in it, forming a cross. Carry another pin with you, in your purse or wallet. When you find the person you want to be friends with, say hello and, as soon as you get home, stick the pin in between the others, keeping the candle inside a covered glass filled with water.

Leave it there until that person becomes your friend. Finally, pour the water at the foot of a tree, bury the candle there and throw the glass in the trash.

Source: Joao Bidu

Source: Terra

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