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Dermocosmetics: discover what the product label reveals

Dermocosmetics: discover what the product label reveals

Dermocosmetics: discover what the product label reveals

The label contains essential information such as expiration date, instructions for use and ingredients present in the formula.

In order for a dermocosmetic to work well, with the maximum efficiency of its components and without causing harm to health, it is important that it adapts to the profile of each consumer. That is why reading the label of a product is so important. After all, there is important information about production, ingredients and how to use it.

According to cosmetology specialist Fernanda Sanches, it is very important to learn to read the information on product labels. “This way the consumer will be aware Directions for use, substances present AND Expiration date“, He explains.

However, it is worth noting that simply reading the label may not provide all the information you need. Some ingredients, for example, can cause allergy or even interfere with the endocrine systemcausing hormonal dysregulation in some people.

“Learning to read label information is essential, but it’s important to understand that this is not a substitute for the guidance of a dermatologist or esthetician before you start using products on a regular basis,” she advises.

What a product label reveals

Fernanda details the most important information on the label of dermocosmetics. Watch:

  • Origin and producer: the label must state the country where the product was made and also the name of the manufacturer or importer, which can help answer some questions if necessary;
  • Amount: volume or weight of the product, it is especially important to compare with the quantity and price of the same product in different versions or other similar products;
  • Expiration date: it is essential because the use of expired products may not only not have the desired effect, but may cause skin problems;
  • How to use and precautions: It is important because it indicates the correct way to use the product;
  • Ingredients: appear in decreasing order of concentration. In other words, the first ingredient is the one with the highest concentration in the formula;
  • Directions for use: here the label reports the purpose of the product and for which types of skin, hair and the like it is recommended;
  • Warnings: In this space you can find out if there are possible adverse reactions resulting from the use of the product and whether or not it also protects from the sun;
  • Certifications and seals: Here the consumer can find out whether or not the product has been tested on animals (cruelty free), whether it is hypoallergenic and whether it has been dermatologically tested in clinical studies.

Source: Terra

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