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3 Benefits of the Hot Tower for the Kitchen

3 Benefits of the Hot Tower for the Kitchen

3 Benefits of the Hot Tower for the Kitchen

This type of furniture makes the environment modern and promotes greater practicality and organization.

With the increase in the number of appliances in today’s kitchens, compacting spaces and intelligent organization have become essential. In this scenario, there is a piece of furniture that offers these features, making life easier for residents: it is the warm tower, a carpentry element made specifically to place electric ovens and microwaves. The goal is to make the environment even more modern, providing convenience in the preparation of recipes.

“One of the great advantages of the hot tower is the sectorialization of the disposition and the gain of more furniture, since the piece is directly connected to the wood processing. In addition to optimizing space for appliances, their placement is designed for comfortable and safe handling”, says architect Marina Carvalho, head of the office that bears her name, who lists 3 other advantages of furniture. Discover it!

1. Simplify tasks

There is no rule for the positioning of the hot tower, it all depends exclusively on the disposition of the kitchen and how the appliances will be distributed. The reference is still to find it near the sink, the refrigerator or at one of the ends of the environment. “But always considering the prerogative of placing it in a location designed to facilitate activities. Otherwise, the incorrect placement will lead to difficulties in its use”, warns the professional.

Also remember that the best layout of a kitchen is accompanied by the shape of a triangle, where each end is: sink, refrigerator and oven/stove. Therefore, considering practicality, the hot tower must be located near one of these points. “In the design of our office, the hot tower is more suitable for larger kitchens, since with it you lose space for stone countertops, essential for a good use of the space as a whole,” he says.

The warm tower compacts the kitchen spaces

2. Compact the spaces

Since one of the main advantages of the hot tower is to compact the kitchen spacesevaluating the measurements for the perfect fit is essential. First of all, the ideal is that appliances such as electric ovens and microwaves maintain a distance of at least 90 cm from the floor. This is because, in addition to ensuring greater safety, the measurement offers a good height for residents to handle.

As for width and depth, the parameter is 60 cm. “It is also worth remembering that the width measurements can vary. The definition must be done after checking the manual of the appliance, to avoid subsequent problems. Not to mention that we cannot leave out an air vent for ventilation”, emphasizes Marina Carvalho.

3. Makes the appearance more attractive

The warm tower has its own aesthetic value even inside the kitchen, since, aligned with the disposition of the environment, adds even more to the decoration, making the place visually more attractive. It can be finished in different materials, such as wood, MDF, lacquered, always chosen according to the style of the project.

Marina Carvalho, however, points out that, in most cases, the warm tower is made of wood. “I think it is the most interesting decision, since the equipment must be part of the carpentry. Only then can we have a 100% designed and aesthetically wonderful kitchen,” she adds.

Types of hot towers

Even though the hot tower is made of a simple structure, you can find different models. To make the right choice, you need to know the characteristics of each kitchen to analyze the best type that will meet your needs. Watch!

Designed tower

There is no doubt that custom furniture is the best solution when it comes to using spaces efficiently. This warm tower model, for example, allows the architectural professional to do so designing furniture in order to meet the needs and requests of the family routine, defining the exact measurements of the appliances and the insertion of niches that help with organization.

Modulated tower

For those who do not have a planned kitchen, it is an alternative to make the most of the space and spend little. However, the modulated hot tower may not fit small spaces, but it is possible to buy the furniture to be assembled separately. “To do this, just take the precise measurements available for its installation,” advises the architect.

Tower with drawers

Whether designed or modulated, it is essential that this piece of furniture can bring “something more” to the kitchen. Therefore, the inclusion of drawers in the lower part is very welcome.

Pay attention to safety

To avoid any kind of headache, it is important for the resident to pay attention to the design of the warm tower. Due to the number of electrometric devices that will be gathered in the same place, it is essential to pay more attention to the safety aspects of each device. For any type of device, it is essential to read the manual carefully so that the installation can be done correctly and safely.

Another point that cannot be left aside is the spaces of breath. Desktop appliances are not the refrigerator’s best friend and should not share the neighborhood. Finally, the height of the appliances is also important, because if they are too high they can cause accidents when removing hot food. Therefore, it is necessary to consider a comfortable and safe height for the inhabitants of the house.

By Leonardo Sandoval

Source: Terra

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