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5 Outdoor and Nature Tours in the Heart of Sao Paulo

5 Outdoor and Nature Tours in the Heart of Sao Paulo

5 Outdoor and Nature Tours in the Heart of Sao Paulo

Tractor rides and adventure activities are some of the options […]

Kids on vacation and parents on a budget, traveling doesn’t mean staying home. At least not in Sao Paulo.

A tractor ride on the banks of the Billings Dam, adventure activities in one of the last clean rivers in the city and even a motorboat ride in one of the largest reservoirs in the metropolitan region are some of the unusual activities in the capital of São Paulo.

Check out the five outdoor and nature trips below during the July holidays.

Outdoor walks

Águas Resort and Ecological Park

It is located on the edge of the Colônia crater, a geological heritage caused by the impact of a celestial body, approximately 35 million years ago.

This 220,000 m² park, in the Parelheiros district, in the far south of the capital, has trails, a natural pool in a lake and adventure activities, such as ziplining, kayaking and SUP.


Road of the Caibro, 1494 – Parelheiros

(11) 5197-5837


Rincao Club

In times of unstable weather, why not a water park in the middle of winter?

The club is located 10 kilometers from the Interlagos Racecourse, in an area of ​​84 thousand square meters with six swimming pools with water slides, a wet playground for children and an amusement park with a carousel, a Viking boat and Maria Fumaça.


Av. do Jaceguava, 2.222 – Jardim Casa Grande

(11) 5979-2522


The Roça Park

Located on a 14-hectare family farm in Parelheiros, the place welcomes visitors for rural tourism, on the banks of the Billings Dam.

The highlight is the friendly ride on a 75-horsepower red tractor, through cassava, ginger and peanut plantations.


Massao Road 2049 / Isabel Bueno Street 215 (Barragem Neighborhood)

Scheduling: (11) 95486-5807



Boat trip to Guarapiranga

The third largest water network in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, this dam measures 26 km² and is more than just a reservoir for supplying drinking water.

Tours with different itinerary options start at Clube de Campo Castelo, in Interlagos, and continue to the Parelheiros region, one of the destinations of the Ecotourism Hub of the City of São Paulo.

The crossing crosses three lakes and includes stops for SUP and observation of Eucalyptus Island, also known as Monkey Island, an islet on the left bank, considered the largest in the city.


Celso Mantovani Street, 1

(11) 9 9006-1666




This 17,000 m² green area is considered the first adventure park in the capital of São Paulo.

The main activities take place on the Capivari, considered one of the only clean rivers in the city, where you can go rafting, SUP, kayaking and bathe in small waterfalls.

The park also features trails, zip lines, and rappelling.


Capivari Road, 5005 – Marsilac Engineer

(11) 9 4703-9638 / 9 4701-7138



Ecotourism hub of São Paulo

These are some of the more than 70 activity options of the São Paulo Ecotourism Center, an ecotourism and environmental conservation project that brings together entrepreneurs from the accommodation, restaurant and tourism sectors.

The hub is located in a territory that occupies almost 30% of São Paulo, in the far south of the city, in neighborhoods such as Parelheiros, Marsilac and Ilha do Bororé.


* with information from SPTuris (www.spturis.com)

Source: Terra

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