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You know that series or movie you love so much that you end up referring to it almost every day? Who has never gone around reproducing quotes or lines from their favorite characters?

In the case of the writer, it is the famous phrase ” Where’s the pop “ Lily, from How I Met Your Mother. The character says this when she knows someone is hiding or hiding something from her.

Either way, for those who are in the habit of running a series or movie marathon, it’s only natural to pick up some behaviors and slogans for your routine, especially when it aligns with your personality. And that’s exactly what we should take into account when furnishing our homes.


Having a cozy and pleasant environment to live in, nothing more right than to include objects that have to do with you and bring you joy. Therefore, the decoration that refers to your favorite characters should not be left out. Be one switchboard or one special cup for your morning coffee.

Yes, it may be a little nerdy and a little sappy of us, but when it comes to our home, having an open mind to conquer a space with our face is worth a lot!

Check out our product list:

1. Iconic Friends Door Keychain – Aliexpress


How about having a little piece of the iconic Friends furniture in your home? Not only is this miniature super cute, but it’s incredibly useful too!

2. Tray for marathon nights – American


While it doesn’t refer to any series or movies, we think it’s a great idea for anyone who likes to spend hours on the sofa or in bed with the TV on. A snack at these times is always good and nothing better than being prepared.

3. Darth Vader Bottle Opener – Americans


Combine your love of Star Wars and a cold one with this perfect opener.

4. Meredith and Derek’s post-it from Grey’s Anatomy – C&A


This goes out to the lovers! Who remembers this sweet couple’s beautiful wedding scene? They list all the things they want to promise themselves. A great reminder of the show and our late Derek.

5. LEGO Harry Potter Frame – Amazon


How about having fun assembling this LEGO and still getting a decoration at the end?

6. Stranger Things pizza plate – Tok & Stok


Eat your hot pizza on a plate with the slogan of the pizzeria Argyle works for!

7. HELLFIRE CLUB mug – Tok & Stok


Who wouldn’t want to be a part of Eddie’s club? This Stranger Things themed mug references HellFire, with flames, and eleven says “friends don’t lie”.

8. The Strange World of Jack Mug – Americans

One of Tim Burton’s classics deserves a place in your cupboard! And it is a great decoration for Halloween.

9. Star Wars lamp – Americans

Another one for fans of the franchise! This Mandalorian character lamp will be perfect for creating an atmosphere in your room or as a reading aid.

* The links generated can yield some kind of compensation for Editora Abril. Prices were consulted in May 2022 and may be subject to change.

Source: Terra

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