Creative, authoritative or cautious? What is the head of each sign like?

Pisces leaders are sensitive and intuitive, Capricorn leaders are conservative and demanding; look at what each sign is like

Creative, authoritative or cautious? What is the head of each sign like?


Aries is the sign of the leaders, the pioneers, the first and, of course, the leaders. When they learn to drive rather than demand, they are the best in the world – creative, courageous and proactive.


He is a conservative leader: fear of taking risks can be a problem; each step must be well calculated in order not to make mistakes. They are hardworking, determined, persistent and cautious. The hard stone soft water saying … was created by a Taurus.


Creative and fickle, they need a right arm to bring their ideas to fruition. Intelligent, light and daring, they win everyone’s sympathy with their good humor and friendship. Freedom lover, but instability can be a problem.


He will be part of the team leading his second family. He affectionate and understanding, but make no mistake: he knows what he wants and knows all the buttons to press and get whatever he wants. Sensitive, persistent and intuitive, he doesn’t give up before he gets to where he wants to be.


Authoritarian and centralizing, the bosses of this sign do not give up their leadership positions. They are courageous and proactive, but they need to learn the true sense of team and leadership.


Meticulous and cautious, they admire those who are organized and punctual. Discreetly authoritarian, they will not give up their leadership positions. Demanding and methodical, they don’t play with luck and don’t like to take risks.


They know how to drive and they do it with everyone’s sympathy and ability to listen. Conservatives don’t like to go too far. Although they are always open to hearing all opinions, they will always do what they want. Uncertainty can be a problem.


Bold, authoritarian and determined, the leaders of this sign are hard workers and will demand the same of you. He never uses reason: sentiment and acute instinct are what will point the best ways.


Creative, dynamic and proactive, they always point their arrows in the direction of the growth and expansion of all those who collaborate with them. Courage is the best quality, but they can get in trouble for being too optimistic.


Conservative, demanding and known as the great workers of the zodiac. Centralizers, they must learn to delegate tasks and improve their team spirit. They tend to ally themselves with time and always achieve their goals.


Lively, innovative, ultra-modern and creative, they are a thousand years ahead of their time. They lead easily and have an enviable team spirit. Demanding, responsible and reliable, they will never give up on their goals and disappoint someone.


Sensitive and intuitive, they will swim in the waters of empathic leadership, with friendliness and an enviable team spirit. They are respectful of everyone and will take into consideration the position of each of their employees. They cannot lose confidence in themselves; fear can be the greatest enemy.

Source: Terra