Special services for babies and toddlers on international flights

Meals for children, booking beds, boarding with formula and snacks: find out what the airlines allow and what they offer to young passengers

Traveling by plane with a baby or toddler is certainly not an easy task, but you knew it several airlines have special services for young travelers ? From a specific menu to children’s entertainment, it is worth consulting the information of the company you are flying with and checking what is available, also to find out if you need to place an order before boarding.

Booking a cot on the plane

If you are traveling with a child on an international trip, especially if it is a long-term trip, remember to ask for the availability of the cot immediately after purchasing the tickets. The service is free, but since there are few places inside the aircraft where you can mount it, The earlier you apply, the greater the chances of getting it.

Be aware, however, of company restrictions. At Latam, for example, the child can only be up to 10 kg and 71 cm. In Air France, TAP, Air Canada and Aerolineas Argentinas the dimensions are similar, while in KLM the space is a bit smaller and accepts small ones up to 65 cm.

On American Airlines, cots are available at the gate on a first-come, first-served basis and advance reservations are not possible: whoever shows up first for boarding has priority.

It is worth remembering that, in most companies, Children up to 2 years are free , as long as they travel on their parents’ lap. The crib, if available, is free of charge, but if you want your child to go in their own car seat (for a fee), you can bring a baby carrier with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) seal or German TUV for airplane use (normally present only in car seats made in the United States and Europe). If you don’t have one, you can request the car seat, but also in advance.

Baby and children’s menu during the flight

The menu offered by many airlines goes beyond “meat or pasta”. In major companies there are meals for those with dietary restrictions, those who follow religious diets, those who are allergic, among others – enough contact the call center and make the request with the required advance.

In most companies it is necessary to make the request when booking tickets or within a few hours (between 24 and 72) before boarding .

TAP, American Airlines, and the Brazilian airline Azul, for example, offer special meals for older children and babies (like mashed potatoes), while most airlines offer alternatives only for children over the age of 2.

No in the case of the child, the family can embark with the meal intended for him (although restrictions may vary from airport to airport, for example favoring processed foods and milk powder). The water is provided by the crew, but it is the passengers themselves who have to take care of the refrigeration of the baby’s food, remembering that heating a bottle on board is not so simple: the resources in this sense are very limited.

entertainment on board

If traveling a lot by plane is boring for us adults, imagine for a child who is forced to spend hours and hours sitting, containing all that childhood energy. So it is. Even if you travel at night – the best advice for going with the little ones – to get them to sleep you need to offer activities that distract them, after all the flight can be very long.

And then, by chance, if in the pre-trip rush parents forget to separate the toys, it is worth counting on the services of the airlines. While some, like Latam, focus only on digital entertainment, with movies and games, others, like Air France, go beyond this option with drawing material (colored pencils, coloring postcards, activity book, among others).

In this case it is not necessary to place any type of order before boarding. . But even if nothing is offered during the flight, it is interesting to ask the flight attendants if there is any entertainment for children besides the small screen.

This advice, in fact, applies to everything: always inquire before and at the moment if there is any priority service for families with children, such as preferential boarding and other small aids that can make a difference in your experience with the little one.

Source: Terra