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Moisturizer, Pillow, and More: 10 Very Useful Products for Pregnant Women


We have made a selection with various articles, so that the pregnant woman takes care of herself, prepares herself for the arrival of the baby and also to immortalize this very special moment.

Pregnancy, in general, is a wonderful phase in a woman’s life, but it also brings with it a lot of doubts, worries and changes (external and internal). In addition to having a support network, seeking information and having adequate medical follow-up, some products available on the market can help at this point.

Books, for example, answer several essential questions about pregnancy and the arrival of the baby. Specific pillows help with comfort, especially in the period when the belly is very large. The creams ensure skin hydration and are also part of a self-care ritual.

With that in mind, we have selected 10 very useful products for pregnant women – whether to facilitate the routine or to immortalize this special phase.

1. Humidita Pregnancy Moisturizer, Libbs – BRL 104.18

Two. Pillow for pregnant women, Cantinho de Lar – R $ 89.99

3. 3-Stripes Pregnant Women Trouser Extender, Calupa – R $ 85

4. Reserve The doubts of the motherPublisher Pá de Palavras – R $ 19.71

5. Pregnancy diary, Valentina Milano – R $ 79

6. Maternité Stretch Mark Oil, Mustela – R $ 111

7. Medium compression maternity tights, Kendall – R $ 82.90

8. Maternity pajamas, Sonhart – R $ 197.90

9. Super high basic panties, Lupo – R $ 42.99

10. Adjustable Waist Extender for Pregnant Women, Vicasky – R $ 56.99

* Our editorial team has selected products starting August 2022 – prices are subject to change. We may receive a commission for purchases made in recommended stores.

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