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Is running overweight dangerous? 3 tips to get started right away


Experts point out what overweight people need to do to get into this sport

It is normal for people who have already developed some degree of obesity, or even just overweight, to be afraid run overweight. This is probably because this activity is considered very intense and tends to increase the heart rate to higher levels. And indeed, people with a high percentage of body fat need to pay attention to this factor.

Aside from that, there is also the question of the impact generated during the steps. Running overweight – and without guidance – can attack your joints, causing pain and even injury. But, contrary to what some people imagine, running is not an exclusive sport for thin people. On the contrary, it is an activity that consumes high levels of calories and should be practiced by all people who value a healthy lifestyle.

However, it’s undeniable that running overweight requires extra health care and preparation. That’s why we’ve consulted with some subject matter experts and separated three key tips, so you can get started right away. Watch:

How to run overweight

1 – Regardless of your weight, it is necessary to take tests

“Having a higher percentage of fat does not necessarily mean that you are at greater cardiovascular risk. Regardless of this, of course, you have to do periodic exams. Safe training thresholds”, guides physical educator Thabata Giavoni.

2 – Start small and bet on complementary activities

“In the beginning, chubby people should alternate fast walks with slow walks and, progressively, introduce running with a longer walking interval, until they run all the time. More than intensity, at the beginning it is necessary to gain volume. Another option is deep running Running in the water offers more resistance, so you will gain conditioning without the impact of running on the asphalt, “advises coach Carla Moreno.

3 – Eat right, even if you are overweight

It is not uncommon to find people who want to lose weight and, for this, they bet on crazy and aggressive diets. To run overweight you need to properly feed your body. “Foods with a low glycemic index (slow absorption) release sugar at a slower rate into the blood and lead to less insulin release. They are high in fiber and provide more satiety – the case with sweet potatoes and oats,” teaches the nutritionist Paola Croc.

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