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7 fennel spells to improve the energy of your life


Forget a love affair, get a job interview right, put an end to insomnia … these are some of the sympathies with fennel which are easy to do and you can put an end to that troubling problem. Appearance 7 likes with powerful fennel and improve your life!

Discover 7 sympathies with fennel

1) Get rid of insomnia

Go to a church with a handful of fennel and sprinkle it with holy water. Go home and keep the fennel divided into three bags. The next three Fridays, make tea from the contents of a bag of fennel and drink a cup before going to bed. Wash the cup and use it normally.

2) Remove negative energies in romance

Place a handful of fennel, seven cloves, a serving of orange blossom, a spoon (soup) of honey and three cups (tea) of red wine inside an iron cauldron. Put on a low heat and bring to a boil. As you move, think: “With this potion I will charm you and nothing else will interfere between us, apart from a great love.” After boiling for a few minutes, remove from heat, wait for it to cool and filter with a very thin white cloth. Put what you have filtered into a bottle and, every day, throw a glass in the sink, thinking about the happiness of your love story, until the contents are exhausted. Throw the leftovers and the cloth in the trash, wash the cup and use it as usual.

3) Long and healthy life

On Sunday mornings, take a very relaxing shower and wear a blue dress. Light a green apple incense and pass the smoke around your body (being careful not to burn yourself). Then make a cup of tea using water, a handful of lemon balm, a handful of chamomile and a handful of fennel. Filter the tea and drink the preparation, mentalizing your perfect physical and mental health. When the incense runs out, blow your ashes in the wind. Blue clothes can be used normally, after washing. Throw away any leftover tea in the trash.

4) Forget old love

Take a sprig of fennel and put it in a jar with some water, saying: “In the name of São Jorge, São Pedro and São Paulo, I ask for my love for (say the person’s name) to dry out, disappear and disappear from my life like these branches. “Leave the jar, covered with a tea towel, in the air for three days. Then, pour it all into a flower garden or clay pot. Use the jar as usual.

5) Keep calm

Make an herbal tea with 21 beans and 21 stalks of fennel and three orange blossoms. Take it three times a day, sweetened with pure honey. As you drink tea, say a prayer to your Guardian Angel, asking him to help you calm down, especially when you need to make a decision.

6) End of dating quarrels

On Tuesday, boil a tablespoon of fennel, a tablespoon of honey and three eucalyptus leaves in three liters of water. When they are cold, drain them and throw the herbs in the garbage. Then take your usual bath and pour from the neck down, saying, “With the force of nature I will be able to put an end to the disagreements I have with my partner.” The boiling pot should be washed and used normally.

7) Success in a job interview

Prepare for the job interview by lighting a blue candle on a saucer, being careful not to burn yourself, and fennel incense in a censer for the angel Mikael. Do it the night before the interview and sleep soundly. The next day, before leaving the house, recite Psalm 120 and go confidently to your interview. Throw the leftover candle and incense ashes in the trash. The saucer can be used as usual after washing.

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