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Spanish bars and restaurants in Sao Paulo

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Between tapas and paella, several addresses in Sao Paulo are important representatives of Spanish cuisine; meet some of them

Although paella is considered an icon of Spanish cuisine, the local recipe goes far beyond just one dish. It is packed with simple and delicious dishes such as gazpacho (cold tomato soup), potato tortilla, tapas and croquetas de jamón, a local gem. And, in the capital of São Paulo, it is possible to find numerous representatives of this classic cuisine; watch.

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Under the guidance of chef Felipe Grecco, the Iberian cuisine restaurant offers a menu full of Spanish dishes, with particular attention to the finished grilled preparations. Appetizers were designed to be shared – or pinched, as is done in Spain. Ultra-creamy croquettes are a must – there’s pork, duck, and ham (R $ 38 per serving). Do not miss the seafood paella (R $ 133), with shrimp, squid, fish of the day and octopus, with vegetables (R $ 72) and the black paella (R $ 123), with shrimp, squid and their black. Finally, grilled fruit and topped with creme brulee are a great choice.

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Where is it: R. Diogo Jacome, 372, Vila Nova Conceição. 3846-0389. 12: 00/16: 00 and 19: 00/23: 00 (Fri 12: 00/16: 00 and 19: 00 / midnight; Saturday 12: 00 / midnight and Sun 12: 00/22: 00). Delivery by iFood and Rappi.

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In the new Baixo Pinheiros restaurant (owned by the same owners as Nonna Rosa), tapas – and drinks – dictate the pace of the meal – the idea is for the customer to order a portion of morsels, such as chistorra croquetas (R $ 16, two unit), to try out a little bit of everything. For main dishes, choose between arroz marinera (R $ 86), with octopus, grilled prawns and saffron aïoli, and fideuá with mussels and fresh herbs (R $ 52). In the dessert section, the carnival flowers (R $ 19, two units) are crunchy pastries filled with toasted dulce de leche and Sicilian lemon gel.

Where is it: R. Ferreira de Araújo, 285, Pinheiros. 3816-0588. 12: 00/23: 00 (Sunday 12: 00/17: 00; Monday and Tuesday 12:15 and 18: 00/23: 00).


Catalan chef Oscar Bosch presents a selection of signature dishes, inspired by the cuisine of his native land. Among the proposals, the highlight is his reinterpretation of gazpacho, a cream made with organic tomatoes, served with cherry tomatoes marinated in sherry, steamed shrimp and cucumber sorbet (R $ 54) and black rice, with cuttlefish ink, and served with octopus and plancha, squid ink and aioli (R $ 106). And one of the icons on the menu is the low-temperature suckling pig, served with an emulsion of grilled carrots, glazed organic baby carrots and garlic farofa (R $ 98).

Where is it: R. Oscar Freire, 145, Jardim Paulista. 3062-6385. 12:00 / 16:00 and 19:00 / midnight (Sunday 12:00 / 17:00 closed on Monday). Delivery by Rappi.

Valese bullfighter

A mix of bar and restaurant, the venue offers a selection of classics of Spanish cuisine prepared by chef Juliano Valese. Tapas, for example, appear on the menu in versions such as goat boursin with toasted hazelnuts and garden vegetables (R $ 13). Ham croquettes with cream cheese (R $ 35, 6 units), gambas al ajillo (pink shrimp with sliced ​​garlic, olive oil and flambéed peppers in Jerez, R $ 119) and marinara paella, with prawns rose, shellfish, squid and fish steak (R $ 94) are other items on the house menu.

Where is it: Av. Horacio Lafer, 638, Itaim Bibi. 3168-7917. 12:00 / 14:30 and 19:00 / 23:00 (Thursday and Friday 12:00 / 14:30 and 19:00 / 23:30. Sat 12:30 pm / 23:30 Sun 12: 30 / 17:00). Own deliveries and from Rappi.

Tuy Bar, Cocina

The gastrobar, belonging to the São Bento Group, offers a Mediterranean menu, prepared by chef Edu Bonfim. Iberian ham croquettes (R $ 49, 6 units), seafood skewers (shrimp, octopus, squid, scallops and grilled asparagus, R $ 93) and rice in octopus broth with green beans and coriander (R $ 98) are some of the menu items. Laércio Zulu has recently taken on the position of bar chef of the group and brings to Tuy a selection of drinks such as maria dolores, inspired by the typical recipes of Spanish alcoholic jams, based on Brandy, an artisanal spiced plum liqueur, dry scent and herbs of Jerez (R $ 39.90).

Where is it: R. Jerônimo da Veiga, 163, Itaim Bibi. 3167-7774. 12h / 0h. Delivery by Rappi.

Huevos de Oro

The address that once housed a cozy Spanish bar, Jamón Jamón, but since 2020 has been run by the duo of sommlières Daniel Bravin and Cássia Campos, also responsible for Headquarters 261. Spanish tavern; the upper floor of the townhouse received tables and clean air, but the inviting tables scattered along the opposite sidewalk are still there. In honor of the Spanish tradition, the menu prepared by chef Ligia Karazawa offers potato tortilla (R $ 25), high, creamy and toasted on the surface, and rabo de toro (R $ 25), well-seasoned oxtail, cooked with red wine. until it breaks. The list is exclusive of Spanish wines, it does a tour of all the producing regions of the country, with representatives of all the styles of Jerez.

Where is it: Av. Pedroso de Morais, 267, Pinheiros, (11) 94507-3118. 18: 00/22: 00 (Saturday 13: 00/21: 00; Sun 13: 00/18: 00; closed on Monday and Tuesday).

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