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How to camouflage the heater in the furniture safely


Architect Júlia Guadix guides how the installation must be carried out to leave the equipment discreetly and functionally in the environment

Heating water in the house through a gas stove has several advantages: one of them is a bathroom with better water flow and temperature control. However, the solution is often accompanied by some visual discomfort, usually in the service area. LPG or methane fueled systems occupy a large space and often clash with the furnishings of the environment. However, efficient solutions designed by architectural professionals can help hide the device.

“It can be evident when the decoration of the environment does not ‘ask’ to be hidden, as in the case of a service area or industrial decorations, for example. However, if it does not make sense with the proposal of the place, we have designed a ‘alternative to camouflage the device “, explains architect Júlia Guadix, head of Studio Guadix. However, he warns of the cure to always consider a solution accompanied by good ventilation and that it does not limit you completely. “To hide the gas stove it is necessary to maintain adequate ventilation, never close it completely”alert.

Where to install the heater

According to Júlia, before installing the gas stove, it is necessary to consider some important points regarding the location. It is essential that the room chosen to receive the equipment is well ventilated and with a minimum distance from the window of 40 cm.. These measures are essential to avoid suffocation and the return of winds that end up compromising functionality. “The best part of the project is usually the service area,” he guides.

After this evaluation, the professional in charge of the project manages to hide the stove using common sense and creativity. The goal is always to make the device installation a strategic part, without attracting too much attention. ” A useful tip is to leave the stove the same color as the floor where it will be installed.. So, if the device is white, for example, the wall must also be white, because if they are of different colors it ends up standing out “, underlines the architect.

It is not recommended to install the heater in bathrooms, as constant ventilation is required and in the cold season it is common to close doors and windows of the environment to take a shower.

Safety first

As already mentioned, keeping the gas stove in a ventilated place is essential to avoid the accumulation of gas in the event of a leak. Both natural gas and LPG, as well as carbon monoxide resulting from the combustion of gas, are extremely toxic and can lead to death if they accumulate in the environment. ” It is essential to rely on specialized companies for the installation of the heaters and for the maintenance with them of the annual routine maintenance.“, underlines Giulia.

Carpentry as a great ally

The joinery is a great partner when it comes to disguising the gas stove. Well designed, it introduces several possibilities that translate into safety and functionality in the environment in which the installation is performed. The strategy is to create a kind of wardrobe that can be slatted, with Indian straw or holes in the doors, among other possibilities, so that there is ventilation inside. Another point to note is in relation to the spaces left both on the sides and on the bottom and top of the equipment. “To carry out installation and maintenance of the equipment it is essential to provide an empty space between the heater and the joinery uprights. In the case of a shelf inside the cabinet, it must exit easily or have a wider recess so that maintenance may take place, “he indicates. the architect.


The heater cabinet can perform other functions: with a well thought-out design, it is possible to insert niches that organize the objects used in that environment. “Since heaters are usually found in laundries and kitchens, I like to use the closet that camouflages the equipment to house cleaning products and other items in the room: we always align form and function!” Concludes Júlia Guadix.

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