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The Dutch artist creates real clouds inside

With a smoke machine and accurate temperature and humidity adjustments in the installation environment, the cloud lasts long enough to be photographed.


Between five and ten seconds. This is how long the work of the Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde usually lasts, before dispersing into the air. Literally. Through a smoke machine and careful adjustments of temperature and humidity inside, Smilde manages to create clouds in different places, such as warehouses, churches and tunnels, and photograph the fog before it dissolves.

To create his art, he prepares a cold, damp space with no air circulation. A wall of water vapor is created with a spray bottle similar to the one we use for plants in the house. A smoke machine sends a cloud of false fog on a collision course.


Smilde also creates more than 100 clouds to get an image. He often collaborates with photographers specializing in architecture to create contrasts between the elements of the landscape and the clouds.


Find out more about Berndnaut Smilde’s work on his official website.

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Source: Terra

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