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Jonas complex: understanding the main symptoms and treatment


According to a psychologist, they are people who do not believe in their own growth and success; The most affected are young people.

Nowadays, it is very common to find cases of famous people who can’t handle success. like those of Filippo Neto, which features episodes of Panic syndrome; those of Whindersson Nunes And Luisa Sonza that has depression; among others. But why can dealing with success and excess money be a problem for some people?

According to psychologist Vanessa Gebrim, specialist in Clinical Psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Sao Paulo, some people, especially young people, millennialscan suffer Complex Jonah. This is a generation that is part of the transition between digital migrants and people born into the digital world. However, it is important to clarify that it is not only young people who are part of the digital world who have Jonas Complex, it is a personality profile that has some specific characteristics.

“These people are afraid of change, fear of success, and when they succeed they feel very guilty. Often there is also a very great fear of feeling rejected. This often happens among artists, footballers or young people. Who do very well in theirs. careers – like digital influencers, “explains Vanessa.

Also, people feel guilty for earning more than their parents and end up boycotting themselves. “The patient, somehow, unconsciously, destroys his success and is afraid to shine, as a way to follow the familiar pattern of not being successful, who has not been successful, because of this guilt of experiencing this success , somehow ends up sabotaging himself. So, he stops facing success and ends up giving up the idea of ​​fighting and being someone in the world, like he’s sabotaging himself all the time, “he adds.

Vanessa also explains that they are people who cling to an ideal of what they should be, who don’t accept the flow of life, opportunities and get stuck. “They behave like frightened children, and have not developed the maturity to be able to accept self-realization, damaging personal and professional growth. The fear of assuming their role, of getting caught in some situations, and they are also afraid to show how they’re great, “he comments.

main symptoms

In most cases, the person runs away from success, finds excuses not to work, has problems with self-esteem, feels incapable, has many limiting beliefs about himself, in addition to the cognitive distortion of reality. “Suddenly, some opportunities arise and it ends up blocking itself, creating defense mechanisms to not grow, to not be able to be a person with a strong focus on self-realization and consequently achieve success,” he exemplifies.

Therefore, the diagnosis is made when it is possible to identify in the patient at what moments this complex is activated and what emotional responses the patient presents. “Thus, we were able to identify the pattern and it became possible to find the events that led to this behavior,” says the expert.

How the treatment is performed

Treatment is more focused on potential and not so much on these difficulties. Therapy works on limiting beliefs that eventually unlock these behaviors. “EMDR is a widely used method and helps reframing negative thoughts, such as:” I wasn’t born to be rich “,” I’m not good enough “,” A dick that is born wrong never straightens “, etc.” These thoughts are the beliefs that block and prevent the person from thinking about the future. The moment we manage to re-signify these beliefs, the release happens “, concludes Vanessa.

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