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For the quality of life, people adopt the “silent review”

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Career Expert brings 5 ​​thoughts on this new movement called Quiet Quitting

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A term that is on the rise on TikTok has resonated a lot in the media, the quit quiet (silent resignation). This is a new emerging movement in the corporate world. The main goal is to avoid burnout by working more hours than necessary and doing more than you were hired to perform, without getting paid for it.

“Within this quiet resignation movement, we see younger professionals who one day saw their parents ‘kill themselves’ for working so hard and who stopped having quality time with their families to fully dedicate themselves to work and With the arrival of the pandemic, these new professionals felt they needed to take off autopilot to better connect with their essence and also with the purpose of life, ”says Rebeca Toyama, career specialist.

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THE frustration and exhaustion from work It has been an inevitable consequence for many professionals, as research conducted by Pulses, a management and engagement platform, reveals.

The survey of 3,000 professionals shows that 80% feel exhausted and 54% are frustrated with their work. Already 60% of respondents said they are unwilling to work and 67% say they need to prove their worth at work.

Burnout is open to depression

Symptoms of burnout and frustration may be just the beginning of some signs of people suffering from mental disorders, such as depression.

Therefore, companies need to redouble their attention and care for their employees, as depression is a leading cause of absenteeism and this was the most disabling disease in the world in 2020, according to the World Health Organization. Already Presence is one of the factors with the greatest impact on low productivity and the quality of a team.

“Companies also need to understand their social responsibilities and invest in leadership training and psychological disease prevention programs that identify and welcome employees who show signs that something is not going well, such as: stress, anxiety, sadness, difficulty concentrating and lack of motivation ”, he comments.

It’s time to start reevaluating your career

Many professionals felt that the pandemic was a watershed, in which remote working brought flexibility and benefits, but on the other hand it overcame the barriers between personal and professional life, making it more difficult to “disconnect” from activities and thus increasing the stress and overload.

Faced with these factors, the quiet quitting movement was born, which takes the balance between professional and personal life, and offering professionals the opportunity to reevaluate their careers or even begin a new experience of self-knowledge and more meaning in life.

“For professionals who are dissatisfied with their duties and current professional position, the interesting thing right now is to reflect on what you would like to change, what makes sense for your life right now and try to study ways to achieve this desired level. . And not putting yourself in the position of ‘pushing your stomach’ and doing as little as possible within the tasks, talking to the manager and clearly and objectively showing the factors you don’t like, is the best way “, concludes Rebeca Toyama. .

5 questions to ask yourself on the subject

Rebeca Toyama, career expert, brings 5 ​​reflections for those who have already joined or are thinking of entering quietly:

  • 1. Does quitting smoking bring you closer to or away from your purpose and potential?
  • 2. What prevents you from looking for a new job?
  • 3. What professional image or brand are you building with this attitude?
  • 4. Did this behavior really bring more quality of life?
  • 5. What are the long-term benefits and costs of this strategy for your professional and personal life?

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