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Mental health: specialists strengthen daily care; Appearance

Still taboo for some, the topic reveals the importance of focusing on psychological well-being and how essential self-care is today.

Focused on suicide prevention, Settembre Giallo is dedicated to the enhancement of life and, although recent in Brazil – the campaign started in the country in 2015 – has already become a tradition here.

Mental health: Work-life balance deserves special attention

In addition to the numerous initiatives in favor of this very delicate and important issue, the period is also a reminder of it mental health, especially nowadays. Data from the WHO (World Health Organization) point out that depression and anxiety increased by 25% one year after the onset of the pandemic. The institution, in fact, has strengthened the need for nations for greater investments in order to guarantee the correct psychological support to the world population.

Mental health warnings have gotten more intense lately, but it should be noted that it involves several aspects and does not represent a time-cutting, as it has been hitting the globe for years. But what is it and how to achieve a state of mental well-being?

“There is no correct and exact definition for mental health, as it is influenced by various cultural and subjective issues. But we can define it as a state of balance between the individual and his sociocultural context, in which he manages to maintain his professional activities, the functioning of his intellectual abilities and remain socially active, in order to achieve a state of well-being beyond the physical. ”, Says the psychologist Gabriele de França (CRP 06/161972).

While some prefer well-defined routines, others run away from them and insist on dynamism, however, both situations don’t stop people from experiencing atypical days full of stress and anxietyprotagonists of uncomfortable moments that end up affecting the emotional.

“When we are more anxious, depressed and stressed, we may not evaluate situations in the same way, directly influencing the decision-making process in our relationships and at work”, underlines Adriane Camillo (CRP 06/81407), Master in Clinical Psychology.

Signs of psychological poor health

Of course, self-knowledge is a great tool for identifying the mental triggers that trigger stress, for example, and requires an ongoing process of preparation. Along the same lines, it is essential to pay attention to the signals emitted; Gabriele de França cites a few:

“Social isolation, changes in appetite (drastic increase or exaggerated decrease), sleep problems, excessive agitation with racing thoughts, sadness or fear for no apparent reason, excessive pessimism, memory problems and restlessness.

The most important thing is always to analyze the behavior of a person in relation to himself. If a person has always been shy, has eaten little throughout their life, this does not mean that they may have a problem, it could only be part of their personality and physiological functioning. However, if you can notice sudden changes, very different behaviors, this can really signal an alarm ”.

Do men and women have different symptoms?

“Because we are influenced by our history, culture and genetic factors, yes, the presentation of symptoms can happen in different ways, as we will deal with our emotions, feelings and experiences in different ways. Women seek more help when they realize they need it, and this is partly due to a cultural issue, i.e. they have no problem seeking a specialist when they realize something is hitting them.

A study by the Postgraduate Program in Health and Behavior at the Catholic University of Pelotas (PPGSC / UCPel) found that women link depression to internal, self-related reasons. Men, on the other hand, attribute the problem to external factors, such as weather or stress. This phenomenon can be correlated to elements such as hormonal, cultural and social characteristics ”, underlines Adriane Camillo.

Women are more affected by depression

Research shows that women are more likely to have depression and anxiety disorders. Some of this research reveals that genetic, hormonal, and even cultural factors can contribute to making women suffer from most of certain types of ailments.

Chris Irons, in his book entitled Depression, reports that the complex interplay of factors of inequality towards men, such as financial, business and social, even going through more traumatic situations, such as physical and sexual abuse, are likely to cause women they are more likely to have depression than men, ”reflects Adriane.

Adequate emotional support

According to her, the first step in helping women is to recognize these inequalities, not contribute to their occurrence, obtain more information about depression and give a emotional support adequate. Adriane also points out appropriate ways to provide emotional support to any individual:

  • Getting informed will make the person better understand what the other person is going through;
  • Listening to the other without judgment, without trying to solve the problem in the first moment. Let an expert solve the problems, he has the most suitable tools for this;
  • Offer active help in what is possible for you;
  • Getting the person to seek expert support, and if you’re very close, emotional support is sometimes worth getting.

How to take better care of your mental health

With enormous potential for reach, social networks are massively consumed and, in some opportunities, are also responsible for the psychological shock. This is just another point among the many that show how routine can affect psychological health.

According to Gabriele de França, establishing a routine is essential for building good mental health and this for numerous reasons, among which it highlights two advantages:

  • First: reduces mental strain for activities that are already routine, such as waking up, eating, showering, sleeping. This is also the first step in building a routine: creating awareness of these repeated activities;
  • According to: get the benefit of predictability. Right. Knowing what you need to do, in what order, at what time (routine), your brain will direct more energy to performing tasks than to planning it.

“With the routine, we reduce the feelings of stress, we increase the positive feelings, such as stability, peace of mind, security, which go hand in hand with good mental health. Physical activity is also essential, because through it hormones such as serotonin and endorphin are released, which are responsible for the feeling of gratification and well-being. Performing other activities that give pleasure, taking care of sleep, having moments of relaxation, such as meditation and Mindfulness practices, are allies in this process ”, emphasizes the psychologist.

Psychotherapy x Advice

Acting with empathy and showing concern for the other are true forms of support, however, it must be emphasized that psychotherapy is not about counseling and vice versa. As Gabriele points out, there is no magic recipe, but just like physical health, mental health also requires care.

“Advice is what your friend, colleague or family member gives you. You talk, someone listens to you and gives you a solution or an example of what you did when it happened to them. As if it were medicine.

In psychotherapy, the purpose is to help generate solutions so that when a problem or similar situation arises, you know how to deal with it. It’s like a supplement that you use every week and learn, grow and evolve. It is an individual time to take care of one’s emotional issues, a safe space for reflection and re-meaning, ”she adds.

mental health at work

A survey by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) indicates that Brazil is the second country with the highest number of cases of burnout (occupational burnout syndrome) in the world.

The scenario requires companies to develop plans for promotion of well-being of its employees and maintain its competitiveness to attract and retain talent: a solid organizational culture capable of bringing benefits to both the employer and the employee.

In this context, self-care is another vital topic, so professionals must learn to cope with working hours and know how to reconcile professional and personal life, after all, the home office is here to stay and at the same time , facilitates daily life, can be a factor of imbalance.

“It must be remembered that every day we ‘lend our CPF to a CNPJ’, or that we work there, carrying out our working day when needed. But our life is not just this. At the end of the journey, you have to disassociate yourself and that goes beyond silencing a messaging app or stopping checking your email. It is mentally disconnecting, entering another state. Pay close attention to the activities you plan to do in your personal space. This is a daily exercise ”, concludes Gabriele.


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