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Homemade yogurt: see how it’s made

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Easy and delicious, to adopt a healthy diet!

Fresh, creamy, pure, with honey, with muesli, with fruit… For breakfast or as a snack, yogurt is delicious and nourishing, right?

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How about making your own and always having it in the fridge? Do you find it difficult? Don’t see!

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easy homemade yogurt

With just 2 ingredients it’s delicious and healthy and you can serve it straight or flavor!

Ingredients (5 servings)

1 liter of whole milk type A (skimmed)

1 jar of unsweetened plain yogurt (170 g)

Method of preparation

1. Boil the milk and wait for it to cool (if you put your finger in it, it doesn’t burn).

2. Add the yogurt and mix well.

3. Transfer to the container you will be storing, cover and wrap with towels.

4. Leave to stand at room temperature for approximately 8 hours or until solidified.

5. Refrigerate and consume as desired (with fruit, muesli, honey, etc.).

6. You can take a part to prepare another batch.

7. If you prefer to flavor, drain the mixture on a colander lined with a tea towel to make it firmer and switch to the blender with the fruit of your choice.

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