Attract more prosperity in the home with the help of these 3 incense sticks

A new month is coming and with it new ways to draw good energies into life. Incenses are ideal options for balancing your vibrations with those of the universe, thus opening your paths. For today, let’s separate some tips for attracting more prosperity into the home with the help of these 3 incense sticks.

Attract more prosperity in the home with these incense sticks


When we are looking for prosperity, lavender incense is what benefits the most complete result. This aroma attracts luck, success and prosperity in love, making a powerful cleansing in the environment and a captivating peace. It is recommended to light this incense near the door of the house or office, so that it harmonizes the entire energy field present and attracts prosperity.


This incense is a strong purifier of the environment and protector against negative energies. It helps in concentration and clarifying ideas, aiding planning and decisions so that you can walk the path of prosperity. Once the myrrh frankincense starts to burn, you can walk a few minutes with it in the room where you spend most of your time indoors. It still acts on your intuition, promoting dreams that give you the answer to your problem.


Patchouli incense acts directly on your emotions, giving you back control of situations and helping you make decisions. Acting therapeutically, this incense brings balance, clarity and prosperity to the person who uses it and to the home. The aroma of Patchouli helps in professional and emotional development, and its use is indicated a few moments before starting to work, so that your paths can open up.

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Source: Terra