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3 things that improve in life with the end of Mercury Retrograde

Survive Mercury retrograde and check out 3 things that will improve with the end of this transit:

The planet Mercury is named after the Roman deity who served as the messenger of the gods. This planet is fast moving and governs communication, travel and technology. It helps us convey messages by controlling both what we say and how we process what we hear from others. Three or 4 times a year, Mercury appears to recede into the sky. While other planets also become retrograde, this particular retrograde has the potential to compromise everything related to communication. So when Mercury rests, it gives us time to breathe.

The 3 “phases” of Mercury retrograde

This period gives us 3 chances to ensure that our work and choices are perfect. The first occurs when Mercury reaches one degree in the sky during a period known as “pre-retrograde shadow”. The 2nd happens when Mercury is, in fact, retrograde, which is when errors can be reviewed and corrected. Our last chance to review these questions is when Mercury makes its last pass on that degree, during a period known as “the post-retrograde shadow”. Basically, the effects of Mercury retrograde begin to manifest about two weeks before the planet begins to appear to be moving backward from Earth, and this cleansing continues until two weeks after the retrograde ends. So don’t think that just because Mercury is no longer retrograde, things will automatically improve.

How to act during a Mercury retrograde period

During a Mercury retrograde period, it is important to be extremely careful with our language. So, check every message or email you send 3 times and take the time to write it down – after all, typos are also very common during this time. Decision making can also be influenced, so avoid signing major contracts during this time (but if necessary, read them carefully beforehand). When it comes to technology, retrograde mercury can be the culprit for any electronics problems, so we recommend that you don’t buy new gadgets around this time (but if you do, make sure it comes with a warranty). And if you are planning to travel, beware of delays, cancellations and detours.

Last but certainly not least, we can always expect people from the past, including ex-boyfriends, to resurface during Mercury retrograde. In many cases it is better to decline unexpected invitations and “innocent” proposals.

3 things that improve in life with the end of Mercury retrograde

Let’s never forget to send SMS or answer calls

When the communications planet stops drifting apart, we are likely to tune into people more and remember to respond to an important email, for example, which, during Mercury retrograde, may easily not happen. Any communication problems during this period are greatly reduced.

Professional communication also improves

If you need to sign a business contract at the end of Mercury retrograde, don’t worry, things tend to get better professionally too. However, always consider that a lawyer or trusted partner also checks the terms of the contract before signing it.

Ex-boyfriends stop coming back

Ufa! With the end of Mercury retrograde, people from the past are back in the past. You can finally focus on your healthy relationships in the present, without any annoying ex calling you, texting you, or appreciating your Instagram photos.

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